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by on July 13, 2011

To the Editor:

President Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign of “HOPE” is long gone. He has escalated the U.S. war that as of this date killed more than 5,000 of our U.S. young soldiers, abandoned public option on Health Reform, didn’t move an inch of his immigration reform promise, and failed to support labor’s Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). Now, he’s talking the Republican Party’s agenda of cutting Social Security and Medicare for seniors. He’s shown his true color – a politician and a puppet to serve the rich! The progressives who voted for Obama are now paralyzed. I will not buy any political campaign of “Hope” in the 2012 presidential election. I am seeking for “HELP”!

Daz Lamparas
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Thank you for your article “Is CPMC Having Second Thoughts Over San Francisco Project?”

As a bargaining team member for registered nurses at CPMC for many years now, I can assure you CPMC’s management team has played hardball with its union represented nurses for many years so it is no surprise to us that CPMC is using the same strategy of playing hardball with the Mayor’s Office.

One of CPMC’s attorneys stated at the bargaining table that “it’s not financial, it’s ideological” when referring to CPMC’s refusal to negotiate over our proposals, many of which would have directly improved patient care. At recent employee forums by CEO Dr Warren Browner and attended mostly by clerical and administrative staff, (nurses were too busy taking care of patients to attend) it was apparent that many of those employees have been led to believe that CPMC might not build in SF. Therefore, worried about the uncertainty of their jobs, they support CPMC’s proposed development plans.

CPMC will not build elsewhere, they have too much invested in San Francisco, including $180 million in annual profit. Where else could it build? Certainly not in Marin where Marin General Hospital (formerly Sutter) is suing Sutter Health for the loss of $120 million that was taken out of MGH before the date of separation. Sutter already has hospitals on the Peninsula and in the East Bay. No, CPMC will continue to use scare tactics, media wars and bullying as its strategy. It does not negotiate unless its forced to. Let’s hope the Mayor will not capitulate.

Thank you,

Eileen Prendiville RN

To the Editor:

As a half marathon runner, my third this coming July 31st, I guess I feel about Ed Lee’s jumping in late in the game the same way I feel about those who jump into a marathon at the last minute or in the middle of a race without training that most dedicated runners do. Yes, they can do it but it just seems last minute and not genuine.

The fact that Lee’s rise to power came from an agreement he made with President of the Board David Chiu running himself for Mayor, not to run or use his office as an appointee as a springboard to run shows that Lee is in fact a classic politician who breaks his promise and is under the control of others who want him to run.

Yes, I’ve seen the “Run, ED, Run” posters in my district. You can’t miss them. They are usually slapped up hap-hazardly tapped to abandoned shops or on the outside of buildings instead of inside the shops themselves. Yes, I’ve run into small groups of teens with that petition on Ocean avenue and other sites too. But it all seems so contrived and fake but with obviously with a lot of money.

There is just something a little dis-ingenuous about this process that sees a candidate jumping in probably at the last minute in what will be a tight race for our Mayor. Just like those runners who jump in the middle of a race or at the last minute without the long laborious training schedule that serious runners make in running a marathon committed to a sport that demands seriousness, hard work and a determination to run a long honest race to win.

Ed Lee’s “run” just doesn’t ring true. It seems contrived and ginned up by others who seem to think voters can’t wait for another candidate for Mayor. With 37 candidates, 6 with real credentials who didn’t need to be coaxed to run, one who wanted to be Mayor since he declared in November (Yee), Lee’s run lacks a serious message as to why other than he’s a nice guy, we need another choice. That bespeaks more about the style of the previous tenant of room 200 than Mr. Lee himself.

Nancy Lewis
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Re: Bay Citizen Swiftboats Tom Ammiano; Who was that who created and runs Bay Citizen? I’ve forgotten the name but remember classifying it as an entity with big-money interests. Shouldn’t we expect business/corporate-friendly reporting from it? What improvement should we expect from it over the Chronicle or Examiner? Aren’t they all real estate hacks? Wrong? Right?

Deetje Boler
San Francisco

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