Obama Makes History …

by on June 5, 2008

To the Editor:

Yes, finally, Barack Obama becomes an instrument for national transformation, overcoming incredible obstacles — and what’s his campaign reward for the evening? An unrelenting, ungracious, disunifying loser makes a stump speech about her suspect campaign, her fanciful popular vote lead, her need for “input” (read: donations), all without acknowledging his epic breakthrough.

However astounding is Obama’s achievement, I am stunned at Hillary Clinton’s failure to declare openly her opponent just won the majority of total delegates. I doubted she’s just leave but didn’t think she’d leave her senses.

Thus, while history is being made, history is blocked by someone who you’d think would know better — and not without penalty to all parties. The longer it takes for a concession, the more damage to the winner’s chances against John McCain. It’s not like the Democratic nominee is a shoo-in, without baggage, say, a black man with a funny name virtually unknown six months ago.

If Hillary’s sour grapes proves she’s really a bad loser, forget any political future or power for her in the party, undermining words she will vigorously support the nominee.

In short, Obama executes the greatest upset in American political history (to echo MSNBC’s Chuck Todd), being the first person of color to be nominated to head any western nation. Say what you will about Obama’s policies or personality or character, the more competent campaigner won cleanly and with style.

Say what you will about Hillary’s policy or personality or etiquette, here’s one comment that aptly captures an out of touch politician seemingly unable to adjust to an earthquake that leaves her hanging: “She did everything but offer Obama the vice presidency,” quipped GOP strategist Alex Castellanos (CNN).

Is this some new lever of Clintonian triangulation to show you’re VP material? Is this not a telling commentary on her diminished presidential timber? There are so many better choices, electorally and otherwise, for VP, let alone for Democratic leadership in a potentially new age that celebrates community and working together.

Robert Becker
Mendocino CA

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