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by on September 9, 2009

To the Editor:

You are right. After 10 years of hard core right wing “Bushism,” we were expecting a President that will implement a “this is pay-back time” policy. We had a good start with the closure of Guantanamo, the pro-Keynesian economic “Stimulus” plan, the salvage of GM & Chrysler, etc …

BUT, what happened to Healthcare? Everyone knows that the right solution is single-payer system, but we also know that it is not economically (not mentionning) politically feasable as a first shot at reforming … BUT AT LEAST, we MUST have a Public system for the one of us that despise Private Health Insurances, and to demonstrate over time that this is the way to go (who is challenging Medicare today?)

If the OBAMA Administration fails on this, it’s over … CHANGED lasted 6 months … (By the way, where are the Parties of the Left in this debate?)

Bart Fraysse

To the Editor:

Van Jones’ resignation is is yet another example of while on one hand the Republican party will embrace all sorts of Far rightists , even “former” (?) Fascists and defend and stand by them, the Democrats however will push overboard at the first side of heat liberal activists even though their “radicalism” is clearly a thing of the past.

Van Jones was a radical. He did consider himself a Marxist. To deny that as some have, notably the Huffington Post, is a counterproductive “defence.” Van was too public an activist for that to pass muster. You can’t fight rebaiting by denying that there are no “reds”! But it’s also been clear that he has “evolved” into a rather conventional liberal (though no doubt far more articulate and intelligent than most.) That’s his choice, and I don’t condemm him for that but as a more convinced than ever Socialist i strongly disagree.

I hope those who continue to have illusions in the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party will learn something from this, that there is no place, no tolerance for any sincere progressive in that political arena .

Stan Woods

To the Editor:

Are you kidding me? Put down the Kool-Aid long enough to take stock of who this President is surrounding himself with.

But, I am curious — what is YOUR real issue, YOUR real grudge against the principles that this country was founded on, the same principles that created a standard of living that has people from all over the world clamoring to get in while you clamor to DESTROY those same principles, FROM within?

I venture to guess that the very second that all of you tragically hip, over-intellectualized Communist-celebrating elitists are inconvenienced for the first time — oh say, maybe right about when your wealth has been redistributed by some of your heroes — you may experience a wee bit of nostalgia for those bygone Capitalist days of yore.

As a journalist, I am repulsed again and again by the refusal of the media to open their eyes, at least long enough to grasp the threat to our freedoms that the Obama regime poses: “Diversity” Czar, Mark Lloyd, embracing Hugo Chavez’ “democratic” revolution, now poised in the FCC to come up with new and clever ways to tax free speech to death! (Did you happen to see today’s news? Chavez is close to calling it a clean sweep.)

And what about co-opting the National Endowment For The Arts … secretly coercing the entire art community to do the government’s bidding! The whistle-blower got it right: history is riddled with tragedies to tell this tale. Thank God for people brave enough to still speak out!

And now, Van Jones, a self-avowed Communist Black Nationalist thug being celebrated as a do-gooder. Martin Luther King is spinning in his grave!

For you it will be both a blessing and a curse; you are old enough that you will remember what your country was like, before its dismantling. And cursed when you realize that you helped it to fall.

Catherine Turner

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