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by on June 17, 2009

To the Editor:

In a talk addressed to an AFL-CIO gathering in 2003 Barack Obama said: “I am a single payer proponent, but first we need to take back the White House, the Congress and the Senate.”

Fast Forward to 2009. Obama is in the White House, and both the Congress and Senate are controlled by the Democrats. Keep your end of the deal, Obama.

Bob Marston

To the Editor:

Obama’s health care plan doesn’t have a shot without getting middle America behind it. Truth and humor will inform the public needed to support the Obama agenda. www.patrioticallycorrect.org has an Uncle Sam (in a walker) health report supported by the right copy will get the issue up and running.
Take a peek. More if interested.

Stan Cotton

To the Editor:

I’m not an accountant, but as I am looking at the Mayor Newsom’s proposed budget, what I see is a lot of increases in areas like the airport, police, and fire depts and many others at the same time that he is saying that we are broke and need to cut services. If we are broke, how can you justify giving certain agencies $1-4 million in raises? If the Supervisors take back those raises and make them work with the same budget as last year, we might be okay.

Yes, he also made cuts to some of those same budgets — but what it looks like to me is that he removed duplicate services, were he cut funds in one category he raised funds(almost triple) in other categories. In a couple places, I noticed that staffing and services were cut but administration was increased, somehow that did not make any sense.

Vickie Van Fossen

To the Editor:

Randy Shaw’s hope that SEIU will see a victory in Fresno as “an opportunity to heal wounds and forge labor unity, and recognize that spending millions on internal labor fights is not sustainable” contradicts the point Shaw himself makes that “SEIU is advancing the careers of those most comfortable on a war footing. Meanwhile, longtime staffers who joined SEIU to organize against employers – not other unions – are departing, and SEIU’s once primary objective of health care organizing has virtually ground to a halt.”

Andy Stern is a megalomaniac, obsessed with crushing a growing number of perceived enemies. He can no more achieve peace than other megalomaniacs in history, because he is psychologically incapable of it. He has crossed a line into mental instability, and doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions.

As long as other SEIU ‘leaders’ permit it, he will take the union down with him. As long as the leaders of other unions permit it, he will take the whole labor movement down too. He has already made EFCA a dead issue. When will labor leaders state publicly what they say in private, that the emperor has no clothes? Their silence is deafening, cowardly and self-defeating.

Charlie Ridgell

To the Editor:

Don’t expect integrity from SEIU yet! I have witnessed SEIU spending what looks like a quarter of a billion dollars over the last 5 years, trying to force California homecare workers into the notoriously corrupt 6434. Highly placed officers of SEIU-UHW say that they plan to go forward with kicking out the homecare workers they’ve just spent so much money on and forcing them into 6434, which they now refer to as ULTCW.

Why? Because victimizing homecare workers has produced millions of dollars for SEIU. 6434 doubled their members’ dues and stole random amounts of money from the workers’ checks, claiming that these were voluntary political contributions to their COPE fund. The workers who suffered these thefts used to call UHW weeping and asking for help.

If I, a UHW homecare worker, knew about the thefts then obviously SEIU did too. I believe that is what SEIU plans to do to ALL the California homecare workers they can get their hands on.

According to SEIU mavens, he next California SEIU local to be attacked is supposed to be 1021, a union for county employees. Keep your eye on this skirmish coming up. This is going to be very interesting.

Abigail Peterson

To the Editor:

Most women of my acquaintance have no sympathy for Sarah Palin. She is reaping exactly what she has sown, by her pandering to her “base.” She is no leader, and certainly no lady, as I understand the term. The sooner she crawls back under her rock and slides into obscurity, the happier I’ll be.

Sharon Alexander

To the Editor:

I’m very confused, as I’m sure potential members would be, by the name of the alcohol addiction group, “Recovering Religionists.” Why wouldn’t it be called what it is, rather than what it is not. That is, why wouldn’t it be called “Recovering Non-religionists”? Alternatively, the new organization could be called “Rational Recovery.” But, wait a minute. That group was already formed by Jack Trimpy, and has been up and running just fine for many years.

Donald Havis

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