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by on July 13, 2010

To the Editor:

The announcement by Schwarzenegger, Steinberg, suggesting that the water bond be delayed until 2012 amounts to an admission that the passage of the bond bill by the Legislature last November was an effort to hoodwink the public in order to benefit their corporate agribusiness buddies. All the conditions that they just cited to now delay were in existence last November. They simply got caught and are now afraid of a bad defeat this coming November.

If they hope to put the same pork laden $11.14 billion bond on the 2012 ballot they are just doubling up on their arrogance and disregard for the real interests of the public. What should happen is a full repeal of the current bond proposal and a careful rebirth of its only two elements worth considering — some money to fix the Delta and some money for some real meaningful water recycling. The total for those two elements in the current proposal is $3.25 billion. A new bond proposal should not exceed that.

Jerry Cadagan
Sonora, CA

To the Editor:

This piece on Kenneth Howell is the best coverage of the story I’ve read. Thanks. My new favorite oxymoron is the title of the course: Modern Catholic Thought.

Marco Luxe
Los Angeles

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