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by on August 28, 2009

To the Editor:

The New York Times DOES have an agenda. It’s as plain as day. We need to keep calling them on it. They are an intrinsic player in the right wing’s agenda to stop health care at any cost. The scope of the program aimed at stopping real health care reform is so vast that call it like it is could be labeled a “right wing conspiracy.” But that’s exactly what it is.

They have unlimited funds and unlimited think tank power which has been actively researching and testing their methods for decades. This matter has already been decided: “Screw the people, screw the poor, screw those who are too stupid to vote for us.” We all lose by electing millionaires and billionaires who don’t represent us. The system is rigged against the ordinary person.

Mark Van Slyke

Dear Lisa Schiff:

In addition to the changes and challenges you mentioned in this article will be the metamorphoses of the SF Unified School District budget under the new relaxed flexibility that allows districts to use categorical funds (some $160,000,000 with some funds excepted) for uses other than those for which they were appropriated.

This may be an opportunity for districts to get out from under many state mandates that don’t necessarily serve the needs of this district as a whole. But it is also true that many services that were made available with these monies for those with special needs will be on the chopping block. The communities that may be hard hit will have to lobby hard if they are not to lose programs as the money is absorbed into the general fund.

In regard to your comments about school site councils, parents and community should always remember that these councils need your participation to make them work. The fact that they are mandated under law to oversee schools means nothing if no one is present and trained to serve their purposes. If parents want a place at the table of school site governance, they should not wait for the district to encourage their participation. They already have a lawful right to such decision-making and school communities ought to make sure they do not loss their voice – a voice that speaks on behalf of the needs of children. If parents don’t participate they leave the decision- making to others.

Don Krause
San Francisco

Dear Rochelle Metcalfe:

Beautiful article about a beautiful man this week, full of poignant information. You continue to be the Herb Caen of the African American community. Please don’t stop writing!

Everett Brandon

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