New Julie Lee Outrage: She’s evicting a blind, elderly tenant

by Ted Gullickson on August 24, 2004

Landlord and real estate speculator Julie Lee is charged with funnelling public money from her nonprofit group to Kevin Shelley and of conspiring with others to conceal campaign donations to the Secretary of State. Now Lee is using the Ellis Act to evict a 60 year old tenant who is blind and living on SSI.

Tenant Jeannette Guest has lived in her Inner Richmond flat for over ten years. All was well until last year, when prominent Newsom supporter and Housing Authority Commission President Julie Lee bought her building. Lee promptly started evicting Jeannette so that Lee could make a huge profit by converting the building into condos.

Julie Lee, as President of the SF Housing Authority, is responsible for housing San Francisco’s most vulnerable residents, and we trust her to do so ethically and morally. This example compounds her already-present ethical problems with the moral problem of evicting a very vulnerable tenant for the sake of profit.

On Thursday, August 26, 4PM at 440 Turk St (at Hyde), the San Francisco Tenants Union and other supporters of Jeannette Guest will picket Julie Lee at the Housing Authority meeting. The group will call on Lee to (a) rescind this unjust Ellis Eviction and (b) resign from the Housing Authority.

Julie Lee has long fought against tenants rights legislation at City Hall-she and the SF Neighbors Association lobbied hard against legislation banning OMI evictions of senior and disabled tenants.

Lee opposed legislation controlling TIC-Condo conversions. She fought against rent control for small buildings. Her checkbook and radio show gave her heavy influence at City Hall and she is a major reason why tenants have such a tough time getting politicians to side with the people over the campaign donors.

Some may take solace in the fact that Lee may soon be off to jail, but this will not help Jeannette Guest. Lee must stop this outrageous eviction attempt now.

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