New Himalayan Dining in the Tenderloin

by Rebecca Tang on March 22, 2018

Another impressive new dining spot has come to the Tenderloin. “Himalayan Pizza and Momo” is a Nepalese restaurant located at 288 Golden Gate, across the street from Hastings Law School and next door to the popular sandwich shop, Morty’s.

Himalayan Pizza and Momo offers a wide variety of foods to fill people’s cravings. Their specialties are traditional foods from Nepal.  They also serve Indian dishes, salads, pasta, sandwiches and pizza.  Some of their sandwich and pizza options have Nepalese spices blend in their sauce and ingredient combinations. Their menu had many gluten-free and vegan options.

Newly opened on Monday 3/19/18, the bustle and excitement of a new restaurant was felt as we watched the preparation of our order in their open air kitchen. The style of this restaurant is cafeteria as you order food at the counter, choose your own seats, and gather your own water, utensils and plates from the condiments area along the wall. The tables and chairs are rustic modern with wood tables, metal chairs, and minimal décor.

Opting to try only their Nepalese dishes, our group drank chai and shared: Chicken Momo, Chili Momo (dumplings) and two orders of the Himalayan Chicken Plate.  The chai was the perfect balance of milk, tea, and spices. Not overpowering in flavor, it was the perfect accompaniment to our meal and soothed us on a cold rainy day.  Both the chicken and chili momo were absolutely divine. Freshly made and steamed to order, these tasty dumplings burst with flavor as we bit into them. Wrapped in a thin fresh made skin, the momo were pure and light with a full-flavor profile without added fat.  The chicken momo was served with a well spiced delicious sauce. The chili momo were the steamed chicken momo that were pan fried and mixed in a spiced fresh tomato sauce with onions and bell peppers.

Chili MoMo

The Himalayan Chicken Plate is one of their lunch set options. This set comes with rice, freshly made garlic naan, organic bone-in chicken curry and other 4 seasonal side dishes: kidney bean masala, achar, mixed vegetables (salad), and dessert. All of these items were placed on a large steel plate the size of a place setting mat with six separated cavities for each item. The rice was fragrant and perfectly cooked, chicken curry was rich in flavor with small punches of spice that peaked through, kidney bean masala gave great textural difference as the beans weren’t overcooked and had a slight natural sweetness, a vegetable dish known as achar (made from radish, tomatoes and other ingredients) was appropriately spiced, the salad served were a medley of stir fried mixed veggies that were bright and crisp, and lastly the dessert was a saffron rice pudding that was creamy with a subtle hint of cardamom and light sweetness. Each item was tasty, properly seasoned and interesting to the palate.  The portions of the lunch set can easily serve two.

Himalayan Chicken Plate

Himalayan Pizza and Momo is a great restaurant to try good traditional Nepalese food.  The Nepali native in our group said Himalayan Pizza and Momo is the true taste of real home-cooked Nepalese food. She now has a restaurant she can locally go to, to get her fix. Since this cuisine has a lot of side dishes that accompany a meal, the wait time for your food will be around 15 minutes. All the food is freshly made and steamed to order so it is well worth the wait. Plan in advance to spend a bit more time and enjoy the food and company.

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