New College’s Demise …

by on June 24, 2008

“New College’s Tragic Demise” (6/23/08) by Randy Shaw is a dead-on piece about the loss of multi-faceted progressive institution in San Francisco.

He focuses on the question of how the federal government could have deferred certain accreditation enforcements that would have allowed New College to continue on for at least a while longer.

But he also mentions that local progressives didn’t exactly ride to rescue New College, and this is just as troubling. It would have had to be extraordinary, but one would think that some combination of a few wealthy donors, a major fundraising drive and events, and some donated efforts by musicians and artists couldn’t have made a difference.

I’m probably slightly more aware than most of New College’s financial and administrative difficulties. But I still had hopes for one more miracle, and I wonder why there weren’t more advocates coming forward to save it.

I know I will miss Crossroads: the Irish American festival held every March.

Thank you, Randy and BeyondChron for a piece that reviewed the situation from a progressive perspective.

Tim Reagan

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