Nevada Debate, Indian Gaming Compacts, More on Diebold …

by on January 17, 2008

Dear Paul,

The real story from Nevada was how Dennis Kucinich, the only progressive Democrat in the race, was excluded from the debate by MSNBC/General Electric and the Nevada Supreme Court. It is absolutely irrelevant to progressive concerns whether Clinton or Obama wins — one needs a microscope to tell the differences between them and their policies are identical on all major issues — and John Edwards seems only slightly better. Why does BeyondChron continue to propagandize for corporate America by publicizing phony debates like the one in Nevada and failing to publicize how a real progressive is constantly censored by the corporate media, aided by our corporate lackey government?

Jeff Hoffman
San Francisco

Dear Editor,

Just a word of caution regarding the 4 Indian Gaming Initiatives on the February ballot – remember when we voted in the State Lottery to bail out our schools? Is it working? Of course not, the schools only get 2%, yes, that’s right, two percent of the Lottery budget!!!!! Why does someone need to win $135M, that’s $135,000,000.00? Why can’t they give more to the schools? Because whoever wins that money owes State, Federal and maybe local TAXES, IMHO, that’s why.


Terrrie Frye

To the Editor:

This article (“Live Free or Diebold”) handles statistics so sloppily that I’ve given up after several hours of trying to track assertions in the article and figures in the referenced table — and dead-end links from there to original materials — and am only writing to tell you that, much as I suspect that the Diebold machine performance (not lying voters) would account for discrepancies between vote tallies
and exit polls, the data is just not in this article or in its referenced sites to justify such a conclusion.

On top of everything else, the article does not clearly distinguish in its assertions between polls that may have been taken before the voting and the actual exit polls. So, even without the other inadequacies in the assertions and figures presented, one doesn’t know whether there’s supposed to be and actually is an observed discrepancy between exit polls and voting booth tallies or if the reported discrepancies are just between polls taken before the voting and the voting booth tallies.

Please next time check over such articles more carefully so that they’re either more clearly written or left unpublished because they’re invalid. We poor news consumers are diddled enough by the corporate media without being diddled even by you. And if you think I’m just being cranky, try running this piece by any responsible statistician.

Deetje Boler

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