‘Nader Creating Rifts in Green Party’

by on October 13, 2004

Dear Editor,

The article “Nader Creating Rifts in Green Party” left me, in the
wordsof your reporter, “scratching my head”. First off, Nader’s rally at SF State occurred in the afternoon, and not in the evening. Nader appeared before a crowd at Berkeley in the evening.

Beyond Chron should be given credit for at least reporting that Nader came to the Bay Area. Beyond Chron should also be credited for trying to understand and explain what is a complicated situation in the Green Party(even if that explanation may be asaccurate as your reporter’s watch).

Exactly how the Green Party had suffered a rift is an important
story that few know about or understand. A full account about how David Cobb was nominated as the Green Party presidential candidate against the will of the majority of Greens has yet to emerge– and is critical if any rapprochement between differing factions is to succeed.

That said, it saddens me that the bigger story regarding Nader’s
visit has been universally ignored.

Neither Bush nor Kerry take much interest in seeking votes in California because it is has already been declared that Kerry will surely win here. That Nader bothered to visit us should be noteworthy– less for the controversy simmering in the Green Party than for the controversial message he delivered to us.

Nader is without question the only significant candidate: who
isagainst the war in Iraq; who is against the Patriot Acts; who
addressesthe glaring corruption in government; who advocates for living wagesand universal health care; and who educates us about the global costsof unchecked corporate power.

At both events in San Francisco and Berkeley, Nader described how ourpolitical system is broken by citing abysmal records
regarding succession of office holders in government. He also described how progressive leaders have disregarded untruths and abandoned theircauses because nothing matters now except Bush’s defeat. Isn’t that real news?

For the many who normally espouse righteous causes– why aren’t theynow defending Nader’s Constitutional right to run? Where were theywhen outright lies were spread that Nader is a tool of the RepublicanParty? Where were they when a gestapo of attorneys rained down onstate organizers working to help get Nader’s name on election ballots? What ever became of the ethical ideal that the end does not justify themeans?

At both events Nader explained why he continues to run by
quoting Frederick Douglass: “Power concedes nothing without a demand!” Love him, or hate him, Nader believes himself nothing less than a patriotcalled upon in dire times to protect the flame of Liberty while othersabandon it for the expediency of the moment. I believe he is.

Robert B. Livingston

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