Muni, Muni, Quite Contrary…

by Marc Norton on March 21, 2013

Muni plans on making some “Spring Break Service Adjustments” – what the rest of us would call service cuts – during Easter Week, from March 25 to March 29. Muni figures that they can save money if they cut out some busses while San Francisco students are out of school, and presumably out-of-sight, and that the rest of us won’t notice.

This scheme is part of a new strategy first rolled out last year, when Muni cut service during Christmas week. Back then, Muni Director of Transit John Haley told the Examiner that “rider complaints didn’t materialize,” so they would probably do it again.

Funny, all I heard that week was complaints. Just how much time did Haley spend waiting on street-corners, cramming into over-loaded busses and trains, and holding on for dear life to the straps in the aisles?

The cuts for Easter Week mean fewer runs for:

● 8AX/8BX-Bayshore
● 9L-San Bruno
● 14-Mission
● 22-Fillmore
● 24-Divisadero
● 28-19th Ave
● 29-Sunset
● 31-Balboa
● 38-Geary
● 43-Masonic
● 48-Quintara
● 49-Van Ness

The Easter bunny better have another way to deliver eggs.

If that isn’t bad enough, Muni is also planning to cut service when school gets out, all summer long. It could be a long, hot summer.

Will Muni riders be grumbling about the lack of service during Easter week? Is the new Pope Catholic? Does Muni care? Or will we hear again that “rider complaints didn’t materialize?”

Or maybe this is just a ploy to clear out some bus stops for the corporate shuttle busses that seem to have taken over our city.

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