MTA will remain in the hands of the Mayor

by Renee Zalles on November 9, 2005

Proposition D took a blow at the polls last night, ensuring that the power to decide who is on the MTA Board of Directors will remain solely in the hands of the mayor. The initiative is the creation of Supervisor Tom Amiano, who has been working for 10 years to give the Board of Supervisors the chance to nominate three of the seven members of the MTA Board of Directors.

The goal of the proposition was to create a more balanced opinion when it comes to making decisions about issues such as fare hikes, and how to fix MUNI’s 57 million dollar deficit.

At a kickoff rally for Prop. D in October, Amiano said he feels that giving the Mayor complete power over all of the nominations is “bad policy.”

After the polls closed last night however, Gavin Newsom called the result a “big victory.”

“People saw through the politics of Prop. D,” said Newsom, calling the proposition for MUNI reform a “proposition for de-form.”

According to political analyst David Latterman, “transportation is political in this city.” He went on to say that everyone who is political has something to say about MUNI.

“It’s the nature of the beast in this city,” he said as the final results began to trickle in.

“I feel like you should spread it out,” said voter Gerardo Gonzalez. “Then you can have all kinds of people that put their word into it.” Gonzales feels that the Board of Supervisors is more visible in San Francisco than in any other city that he has lived in and would appreciate more perspective

“MUNI is full of problems and this is something that could possibly have changed that,” said Gonzalez.

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