More Praise for Leroy Looper; The U.S. Postal Service; Tax the Rich …

by on September 15, 2011

To the Editor:

This is beautiful story that Randy Shaw wrote on Mr. Leroy Looper, and may his soul rest in peace. And for all of us that are working hard to keep the Tenderloin a safe and peaceful place to live, let’s always thank back to him and all the work and effects he would want from all of us. Let’s stay togerther

Leona Luckett
Supportive Housing Manager
Tenderloin Housing Clinic
San Francisco

To the Editor:

The U.S. Postal Service really need to stand back and take a look at the real situation, not from people that work one term and get their benefits for life. There are many ways that the Postal Service could be much better off, but they are not really trying to fix the problem from the inside out. Every one is looking from the outside in. The employees that really do the work, or some of the over sight managment, If there are people out there that really care,(which there really are) well there really needs to be some people looking and listen , not just looking at reports, computers put out what people put in.

Debra Teschner
Hartsville, SC

To the Editor:

A few day ago, sixteen of us descended on Solano Avenue in Berkeley holding signs that read “Tax the Rich.” Not surprisingly, the response from those passing by was very favorable. But if any very wealthy folks drove by us in their limousines, I doubt that they felt threatened. After all, we were only holding signs and not exerting any direct pressure on the powers that be.

If that is the case — and it is — why did we bother to demonstrate? If we view that event in an isolated way, there is not much of a point other than to bear witness. What makes our demonstration an important event is that it is a step toward legitimating “on the street protests.”

But we can only be effective if we continue such public demonstrations regularly and frequently. When the public sees that a group of respectable looking types are expressing their outrage, it leaves some impression. Sooner or later — I hope sooner — more and more people will join us on the streets.

Dissatisfaction with government policy is growing. But many disgruntled individuals don’t know quite what to do. We know that to have an impact on public policy requires street action. As we build legitimacy, we will be in a better position to move toward various direct action tactics. To build support and involve more people to achieve our objectives is why we came out early this week to demonstrate on a busy street.

Harry Brill
El Cerrito, CA

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