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by on December 12, 2008

To the Editor:

I just want to state how much I enjoy the columns of Tommi Avicolli-Mecca. Tommi is one of the few atheists who actually get to express in the media a perception shared by many (myself included.) I have communicated to him personally how I admire his willingness to write this controversial column, but have recently decided to go public with my endorsement.

More power to you, Tommi!

Ron Dicks
San Francisco

To the Editor:

It’s refreshing to hear Tommi Avicolli-Mecca on issues facing atheists and religious minorities. Some people seem to think that freedom of speech is wonderful – until atheists actually try to use it! Then suddenly, nonbelievers are somehow “inhibiting” and “disrupting” the Christian message, as one letter put it. Disagreement is not an “attack” or “persecution;” it is the hallmark of a free and open democratic society.

I also appreciate his brave stance on behalf of all the victims who unnecessarily die every year from religiously mandated medical neglect. Sure, perhaps adult Christian Scientists and Jehovah’s Witnesses have every right to kill themselves by refusing blood transfusions and other medical advances, but as Tommi points out, the state clearly has a responsibility to look out for the lives of its most vulnerable citizens. If religious tenets endanger those lives, why shouldn’t they also be held accountable for lost or ruined lives?

And shame on Eric D. Nelson for avoiding the real issue – the needless deaths and suffering his church is responsible for, and the fraud of Christian Science “healing centers” that receive government funding for doing literally nothing – and worse than nothing – to the devout patients in their care.

David Fitzgerald

To the Editor:

By elevating George Bush to a “religious moderate,” Tommi Avicolli-Mecca slyly describes a featherweight who doesn’t let faith, hardly compassionate Christianity, raise the Decider’s petty, utterly mundane consciousness. The very notion of Bush pompously anointing himself the Decider, considering Dick Cheney’s eight-year reign, will be an historian’s joke.

Is Mr. Avicolli-Mecca surprised Bush leaves “office never having to answer” for his war crimes? What President admits sin or throws himself on the mercy of the jury? Only outsiders — the media, Congress, the courts, or the people — produce indictments and punish politicians. Are we shocked a President gets away with mass killing called the war in Iraq when an Illinois Governor is crucified for “merely” hustling a Senate appointment for cash?

Richard Nixon was almost always right claiming what a President does is not illegal, meaning punishable. Anyone so deluded to think Iraq a great success cannot be expect to see reality, let alone cry mea culpa.

Let’s face it: the Democrats let Bush off the hook, to hang himself, and big election wins confirm benefits from not impeaching. The current Bush Legacy — as the permanent butt of countless jokes, dismal approval ratings, hatred by billions here and abroad, and status as our worst modern president — hardly means he’s “never” had to answer for evil-doing.

I think Bush has finally found his most revealing role outside of jail: the unapologetic bonehead, the nasty, oblivious, self-serving, cheerleading lame duck (with final poison pills for the environment and country with late appointments). Bush has gone from the worst president to the worst “lame duck” and future dimwits may be called “Bush ducks” for interminable droppings. Bush’s final days and egregious departure as today’s Herbert Hoover only cap his singular career.

Let us recall the most prescient prediction I know, offered by Gore Vidal in 2000 when the Supreme Court began the W. plague: Bush will leave office the most disgraced President in our history. Talk about “going down” in history! Bravo, Gore Vidal!

Robert Becker
Mendocino CA

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