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by on October 4, 2010

To the Editor:

I don’t think my comments at the Youth Forum were fully represented regarding my opposition to Proposition D, or my suggestion to showcase schools programs at assignment fairs. In the first instance, I qualified my position by stating that we should be concerned with ensuring noncitizens more basic rights such as freedoom of movement and security from deportations and family breakups before broaching the issue of noncitizen voting. In the second, my suggestion to showcase school programs at fairs meant better promotion and publicizing of these at existing venues, not initiating fairs for the first time. I am aware of attendance fairs. Thank you.

Winifred Dajani
San Francisco

To the Editor:

My opinion is that the NFL takes all the necessary precautions to keep the game safe and also unites on a consistant basis to find ways to implement saftey because they do care about the players. I don’t think a strike should happen, and if you are so worried about head trauma get mad at the players for making the choice to play and not the NFL for allowing them to compete.

This game has been around a very long time and has become the best entertainment for millions on a global level. For it to be no longer around in 2011 would be a complete disaster not only to fans but also America in general. I think taking the game away would contribute to a larger economical drout. I am pretty sure that a lot of people are hoping that the Nations future will be a positive time period and holding out the NFL will cause more negatives than anything else. I am a supporter of the NFL, the players and the commisioner Rodger Goodell. He is a good man, and I’m pretty sure he will make all the right decisions for this situation.


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