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by on November 8, 2010

To the Editor:

Prop 26’s passage is a disaster from the perspective of maintaining California’s climate change leadership. Environmentalists and climate change activists should be thinking about a narrowly tailored future ballot initiative that would allow pollution / carbon fees to be implemented without Prop 26’s shackles. If it’s focused on the environment and packaged correctly, we should be able to count on California’s voters to pass it, just as they rejected Prop 23.

Mike Sullivan
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Why is it that the people can always do with a little less; but, the Government never can. The air quality has improved every year since 1980. Proposition 23, had it passed, would not have caused pollution everything would have stayed the same. If you are feeling guilty about not having to pay some Fee or Tax, I’m sure that the State will be happy to take and cash your personal check.

Casey Clair
Fairfield, CA

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