“More on Pelosi”

by on March 23, 2006

Dear Randy and Worthy Beyonders:

Interesting responses to the article about how Pelosi is not much help to Democrats nationally; well, all except the guy in San Fran. who couldn’t seem to read for content. Oh, well; what’re ya gonna do?

Particularly enjoyable was the letter from Wayne, using the 800-Lb.-Gorilla metaphor. When guys like him write, you can be sure the metaphor will be fully realized!

Not so the speculation on Pelosi’s usefulness. She’s proved good at grandstanding but when it’s time to do the backup paperwork, she’s – how did the one writer put it – too busy buying antiques or something? Like the DNC, she caves to the Corporatocracy because she knows they will prevail against EVERY voting American within the current culture.

We DID have a square-jawed hero in ’04: Howard Dean with his splendid snarl. Thrown to the co-opted media dogs by Dem. leadership; nor could a straight-up guy like Dennis Kucinich even get the mic at the roundtables.

When the Government is, truly, OF the People, we all will notice the difference.

Frances Goff
Green who votes Democratic

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