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by on March 22, 2010

To the Editor:

By now, decent Americans realise that change isnt gunna come from Rahm’s boy or from anyone else above the elected position of dog catcher. I suspect most of you know the required 100 million pitch forks are not going to materialize. It’s over, and the corporations won.

COME TO CANADA. Our system of government is harder for the elites to run. We still have a chance up here. Our economy is sound and we have excellent health care. Life for our citizens is so much brighter. We could use your vigor, intellegence, creativity and experience. Republicans, Tea Baggers, Death Cult Rapture Ready Assholes, DNC Democrates, patriots and racists stay away. We especially need your basketball / baseball coaches.

Garry Walsh
Vancouver, BC

To the Editor:

The bad news is that Obama and the Dems have squandered the historic populist capital they had after the election by demonstrating repeatedly that they don’t have the belly even for a dust up with the pathetic remnants of the GOP. Their stunning lack of vision by failing miserably to seize the day when the country was begging for smart and principled leadership on health care, jobs, peace and a fierce public beat down of fat cats everywhere (talk about a “teaching moment!”) has set back reform for many in the middle once far more open for real change.

The good news is that the left has, for the most part, gotten over this all too familiar betrayal of promises and principles and we’re left with — what else but the obvious imperative to improve our organizing, which has always been the genesis of real change anyway. Immigrant rights advocacy offers us not only the opportunity for a “gathering of the tribes” to work together to build real grass roots power, but also a chance to get back to moving a narrative that both binds the working class together while drawing in sharp relief the contrast with bigots, buffoons, and the kind of rat bosses every worker wants to punch in the chops.

This is no easy task, of course, as reaching common ground on the message, the strategy, and the ultimate goals and bottom lines, along with dealing with some titanic egos, are the familiar challenges of coalition political work. But I for one like our odds on this one, as much of the infrastructure is already built and has been battle tested, and millions from different perspectives are ready to focus their energy and anger in a principled stand up fight. Of course it should be the struggle of the immigrant workers to unite us.

The cross eyed cousins of the punks ripping us off on Wall Street get fat building The Wall. The bastards reading our emails in dark rooms are figuring out a system to ensure “zat r paperz r en oder,” to deal with “The Fear.” Or will they just skip ahead to verify that we’re God-fearing Americans by stamping a bar code on our ass? And whose blood doesn’t boil at the sight of the pinche Migra laughing and making sport of dragging terrified pregnant workers into a dark hole to disappear? BASTA ALREADY!

Besides, the Dems are running out of elements of their base to piss on as the off year elections approach when they need us to show. Even they can’t be stupid enough to take a pass on putting the Republicans in the box of trying to appease their ever more psychotic base of tea party morons while retaining some hope of drawing in anyone with ancestors or politics to the left of Vlad the Impaler. The new demographics shows immigrants dispersed far beyond their once traditional areas and in larger numbers–and they and their communities all in prime position for voter reg and “civic participation” in a movement they lead when votes are at a premium.

Even if DC guts are in short supply, if self preservation is a notion they still possess and we do what we must, they have just enough time to get this one right to save their souls.

Mike Wilzoch
Aurora, CO

To the Editor:

I am wondering whether dues‑paying rank‑and‑file SEIU members in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico agree with what Andy Stern is doing. Spending millions of members’ hard‑earned dues money in courts and his lawyers show that union bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. like Stern and Anna Burger are just here for their own gain of power. The members will surely judge them in the next SEIU national convention in the year 2012. The members have awakened!

Andres Bonifacio
San Francisco

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