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by on November 10, 2010

To the Editor:

As someone who doesn’t live in San Francisco, I have gotten NO CLUE from this story or others on this site about any differences between the District 6 candidates on issues or policies. I do gather from this piece that Jane Kim is younger and prettier, but the writers don’t think that should make a difference, nor do I. Anything else to say about either one?

Becky O’Malley
Berkeley, CA

To the Editor:

Thank you for explaining the state of the District 10 race. While I greatly appreciate how this saves the expense of run‑offs, symbolically 2nd and 3rd columns are like saying “who would I settle for, if not the one I’m voting for,” which is an odd decision for voters to make. I wonder what, statistically, is the impact of putting no 2nd and 3rd column choice, which I did after the machine rejected my mistake of putting Malia as my vote for all three choices. When I resubmitted the correction, I put Malia Cohen as my first choice, but chose no one for columns two and three.

Good luck to all the candidates.

Steven Cravis
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Thanks for covering the Oakland race. Ranked choice voting worked beautifully here. Jean Quan ran an incredible ground campaign with over 700 volunteers, 200 house parties, and major campaign events in East and West Oakland. I’m also very proud of the Rebecca Kaplan voters who put Quan as their second choice.

Teague Gonzalez
Oakland, CA

To the Editor:

Interesting things: A majority of Australians want to abandon Ranked Choice Voting in favor of plain old Plurality Voting. See here. IRV has been repealed recently in several places who had implemented it just a short time prior: Burlington, VT; Aspen, CO; Pierce County, WA; Cary, NC.

New Zealand does not, to my knowledge, use Instant Runoff Voting. They use Single Transferable Vote. IRV is specifically the single‑winner form of STV. For multi‑winner elections, STV is a reasonably good system. For single‑winner elections, it has a number of severe problems that are not shared by various alternatives (e.g. Score Voting, Approval Voting).

Clay Shentrup
Center for Election Science
San Francisco

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