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by on August 16, 2010

To the Editor:

We know that some animal species eat their young. But did you know that the human species does it too? The supposed Democratic Party stalwarts who brag about their support of workers and unions suddenly are hesitant to vote affirmatively against Prop G, the Transit Operator Wages.

Outside the hallowed halls of UNITE HERE Local 2 where the DCCC meets one can hear arguments by many supposed progressives how Muni drivers are overpaid. It should be noted that many of these very same progressives could be called Cadillac Liberals making far more than any Muni driver and with less job stress.

An attack on one class of workers is an attack on all! NO ON G!

Denise D’Anne
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I am not sure what Steve Stallone’s point is. Was there a public outcry or demonstrations each time San Francisco cut a sweetheart deal with the unions? No one talks about the elephant in the room. That is the Grand Jury report “Pensions Beyond Our Ability to Pay,” showing how out‑of‑whack our present system is.

San Francisco is now and always has been a union city dating back to at least 1902, when Abe “Boss” Ruef picked Eugene Schmitz to run for mayor on the Union Labor Party ticket. Too many San Francisco politicians are beholden to the labor vote resulting in behind ‑ closed ‑ door sweetheart contracts for city employees. Hopefully, a public debate over the merits of SF Smart Reform will shed some long overdue light on the escalation of labor costs and the unfair financial burden it places on San Francisco’s fiscal health.

Let the debate begin. Instead of hysteria, we need an independent economic analysis of SF Smart Reform, not hysteria and finger pointing.

Ralph E. Stone
San Francisco

To the Editor:

This was a great article! I wish our group Single Payer Now had been there for this rally. I have asked Jeff Adachi to come out and support SB 810 if he really wants to see San Francisco or for that matter CA state employee health care costs come down.

Barbara Commins
San Francisco

To the Editor:

First, I thought that Proposition B was primarily about pension reform. Not a mention of that in this article. Could you clarify on the facts what aspects of employee benefits the proposition would affect? Facts, please!

Second, this quote, “Doretha Evans, a janitor at San Francisco City College, wore an enlarged copy of her paycheck stub around her neck to show she is not one of the $100,000 a year City workers the main stream media loves to deride.” What I want to know is, ‘where’s my other $50,000,’ she barked into the bullhorn to the crowd’s laughter and applause. Does this mean Ms. Evans makes $50,000 year as a janitor? Wow! That’s about $25/hour BEFORE healthcare and pension benefits. That wage level makes me want to take up a city broom! The city workers are revealing more than they think in their plentiful comments on news articles and their demonstrations.

Dana B.
San Francisco

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