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by on March 23, 2012

To the Editor:

I don’t get this piece at all. Republicans in California are hardly irrelevant. The Republican Party has managed to maintain a stranglehold on the state budget process – resulting in billions of dollars in devastating cuts to human services, child care, services for seniors and disabled, home care, etc. We’re still running scared regarding challenging Prop 13. Right-wing initiatives aimed at crippling workers’ voices and organized labor continue to qualify for the ballot Progressives ignore the Republican Party’s influence at our peril.

Joe Wilson
El Cerrito, CA

EDITOR’S NOTE: While Robert Cruickshank, who wrote the piece in question, would not disagree with anything you said, his point was that demographically the state has evolved so that Republicans are no longer a relevant portion of the electorate. Prop 13 and the two-thirds requirement for raising taxes is the only reason they continue to wield power.

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