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by on June 19, 2008

Dear Editor:

I was absolutely disgusted by the letter concerning JROTC and other “positive changes” from board of education president Mark Sanchez. The board is going to have a pilot program to replace JROTC which is ethnic-studies! Only someone who is completely out of touch with reality would consider this garbage a replacement program.

He says we should “reject all types of militarism and homophobia in our schools”. The reality is that Mr. Sanchez and the other progressives on the board hate our military which protects their freedom to act like idiots. As for homophophia, there is no discrimination against homosexuals who want to sign up for JROTC and several homosexual graduates testified to that effect at previous hearings. JROTC is voluntary and had a majority of its budget paid by the federal goverment.

Mr. Sanchez says the “progressive majority on the school board” are doing great things. Parents are leaving town with their kids precisely because they don’t like what the progressives on the school board are doing. As someone who grew up when they had mandatory bussing in Berkeley, California, I would have thought these so called educators would have learned something. Obviously they have not. There primary interest is implementing policies that are “politically correct”, not providing the best possible education for our kids.

It is absurd that my kindergarten kid applies to his local school and is told he will be bussed across town for diversity. Political adgendas for diversity and multiculturalism in our schools are dumbing down the education our kids are receiving and producing a generation of ignorant, poorly educated, zombies, who are incapable of independent thought. All the talk of diversity and tolerance that is espoused by educators only applies if you agree with progressive positions. If you have any other opinion, you are told you are intolerant or worse.

Mr. Sanchez says school board members are targets of a misinformation campaign and they can’t work in a collaborative manner because of it. Mark Sanchez, Eric Mar, and the other progressives on the board should call themselves what they really are. They are regressives who are zenophobic and bigoted and I am tired of listening to their nonsense. The sole purpose of the Board of Education should be to provide the best possible education for all of our kids. It should have absolutely nothing to do with extreme political views, left or right. Thank god Sanchez and Mar are leaving the board.

Yours truly,

Keith Wilson
San Francisco

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