“More Daly, Mirkarimi Pot Club Battle Raises Larger Issues”

by on November 2, 2005

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your hard work at BeyondChron.org. The web site has been a great addition to local news coverage.

As a spokesperson of the San Francisco Green Party, I feel compelled to respond to your article about Ross Mirkarimi and the medicinal marijuana legislation. For the record, this legislation has not been discussed at any official meetings of the San Francisco Green Party. You can find minutes to our meetings here: http://www.sfgreenparty.org/events/minutes.gem.

I was disturbed by the fact that your article relied so heavily on unnamed sources. While it is certainly okay to offer opinion and editorialize, the article included numerous blanket statements with no evidence provided to back up the claims.

Here are a few examples of this:

“The tiff over the pot club legislation raises important questions about the accountability of politicians to their base, the role of the San Francisco Green Party*

“*when pot club owners learned in September what Mirkarimi was proposing, they were not happy.

“*why a leader in the California Green Party*would apparently treat criticism from the right and left equally.

“Mirkarimi’s pot law push has brought him cheers from District 5 conservatives *

“I spoke confidentially with some of the city’s Green Party stalwarts, and none supported the Mirkarimi legislation. If Mirkarimi feels unaccountable to the local Green Party, and if they are not concerned about holding Green elected officials accountable, then what does the Party stand for?

“*and there are already progressives who feel they cannot be honest with him for fear of being deemed disloyal.”

I believe it is unfair to make such broad statements without evidence, and that this type of commentary is best left to the Ken Garcias and Ann Coulters of the world.

As for genuine disagreement about local regulation of pot clubs, the Green Party looks forward to future discussion on the issue.

Best Regards,
Erika McDonald

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