“Mirkarimi, Dufty…”

by on July 13, 2006


I question the impact of Supervisor Mirkarimi’s new tenant measure. It seems to be a win for the current tenant’s in that they will have their amenities “grandfathered” in, but won’t future tenants likely be penalized? If I was a landlord (which I am not), the first thing I would do is become more creative in my tenant lease agreements and strip out any extra’s offered such as parking, common areas, storage, etc. Landlords would seemingly be better off writing bare bones leases and then separating renting out parking spaces to the person down the street. It kind of reminds me of the recent eviction legislation which is likely to escalate the individual financing of TIC units thus side stepping the need to ever condo convert.

Lastly, I have become rather disappointed in some members of the SF board of supervisors. As a tax paying resident, I would prefer to have them concentrate on issues pertaining to the City and the districts they represent. Do they really need to be drawing up proposals & legislation for the election recount in Mexico, to support the Seattle Seahawks in their Superbowl bid, and make ridiculous comments on national TV. Aren’t these folks the ones who a few years ago asked for a raise to the tune of $100,000/year because this is a full time job that demands their full time attention? I’m pretty sure there is still plenty of work to do in the City and feel they should be focusing their energy on the local issues at hand.


Steven Rutledge
San Francisco


Dozens of senior citizen tenants, many facing potential eviction, along with many supporters picketed the Bank of America at Powell and Market streets on July 3. They are alarmed that the bank is proposing to grant loans for creation of Tenancies-in-Common (TICs) in large apartment buildings and wanted the bank to agree not to. Until now, only small buildings have been sold as TICs, and the result, even with small buildings, has been an epidemic of evictions of tenants, often elderly, disabled, or of low incomes, unable to purchase the exorbitantly priced homes.

In attendance at the picket, it was good to see, was Supervisor Chris Daly, who represents the supervisorial district where the picket took place and who has been a leader on the board of supervisors in crafting tenants’ rights legislation.

This brought back to mind a previous picket, held several weeks ago at Church and Market streets, protesting evictions and alleged thuggery by Citi Apartments, a major landlord in San Francisco. This picket happened in District 8, represented by Supervisor Bevan Dufty, whom it was noted by picketers, was nowhere in attendance, nor has he been a leader on the board in helping tenants. So much for the rather selective interpretation Dufty has given to the slogan he ran on, “All About the Neighborhood.” Perhaps considering Dufty’s campaign contributions, his record of pro-downtown and pro-landlord voting, and his footdragging when ethical issues confront him, it is no surprise he has such a selective interpretation about who constitutes his “neighborhood.”

Alan Collins

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