Milk Club Stays Out of Mayor’s Race … For Now

by Paul Hogarth on August 29, 2007

The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club failed to endorse any of the Mayoral candidates at its general membership meeting last night, after no candidate received the necessary 60% for an endorsement. But progressive challenger Quintin Mecke and incumbent Mayor Gavin Newsom were the top two vote-getters, and the Club will reconsider a Mayoral endorsement at its September 4th PAC meeting.

The Club voted to endorse District Attorney Kamala Harris and Sheriff Michael Hennessey in their re-election bids, and did an early endorsement of Tom Ammiano in his run for State Assembly. The Club overwhelmingly endorsed a “yes” vote on Prop A (the Muni Charter Amendment) and a “no” vote on Prop H (the Downtown Parking Initiative.) The Club will consider what to do about the nine other local propositions on the November ballot at the September 4th PAC meeting.

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