“Mexican Elections, Moto Grand Prix, …”

by on July 24, 2006


Your article was very well done and really solidifies all of my thoughts about the whole affair. The Mexican election is another piece in the transformation of U.S. foreign policy, either now if Obrador wins or later if Calderon wins. The handwriting is on the wall — the time that the U.S. is able to dictate and control the governments, and hence the populations, in Central and South America is coming, finally, to an end. Will we be able to look forward to countries that are able to provide medical care and education for all their people? I can only hope that in the not too distant future, this will be a possibility but this requires the American people to finally wakeup and elect a new government. One that wants to help the other countries in the world instead of plunder and control as we have over the past 50 years.

All of the 80’s neocons that were guilty of so many devious crimes to subvert democracy among the poor are in power now and must be changed for people who are able to look at the long term good of the world. Noam Chomsky is such a valuable source of history as it truly was and not the fantasy and brainwashing that we are presented by our government. Our lapdog press is only a stenographer for the government. They spit out exactly what they are told and rarely do any investigative reporting. Unfortunately, this leaves the American people totally ignorant of the role that our government plays in this.

K. Bowling


I read with amazement the story about a motorcycle race. Motorized recreation is nothing but white trash crap (I’m white, so cries of racism aren’t legitimate), consuming oil, polluting the air, and making noise, all without any necessity. If you can’t have fun without destroying the Earth, do the rest of the planet a favor and stay home! I’m appalled that Beyond Chron would print this garbage. I assume that I do not need to list the harms that the consumption and burning oil cause.

Jeff Hoffman
San Francisco

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