McCain and Georgia Crisis …

by on September 30, 2008

To the Editor:

During Friday’s debate, McCain complained loudly that Obama’s “initial” response to the Georgian crisis was to urge restraint on both sides. McCain apparently thought that urging restraint meant Obama was weak. Note that McCain never said that Obama continued to peddle softly after we learned the severity of what Russia did in Georgia. He didn’t accuse Obama of being restrained as Russian atrocities became evident. But the mere fact that Obama didn’t come out swinging that first morning, and wasn’t bruising for a fight right out of the gate, is bad in McCain’s book.

For McCain, it seems the only appropriate response to a crisis with Russia is immediate belligerency. McCain didn’t explain to us why restraint was bad, becau se in the mind of John McCain, it should be obvious: You show strength by running off at the mouth. You bully and berate, loud, early and often. That’s how John McCain lets us know he’s boss, don’t’cha know? So now we’ve been warned. A President McCain would respond to a crisis with Russia by going ballistic. Literally.

What’s more, McCain’s constant name-dropping during the foreign policy portion of the debate, his need to repeatedly remind us how familiar he is with world leaders, is more of the same. It isn’t confidence on display, it’s ego on display. McCain’s were the words of a gunslinger who thinks he knows everything, a man who feels no need to check himself, who sees no wisdom in gradual steps, allowing facts to declare themselves, before charging into battle. I would much rather be guided by Obama’s thoughtful and thorough assessment of a crisis, rather than by a hothead. McCain is truly a scary, scary man.

Gaz Coombes

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