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by on May 30, 2007


Your analysis of the algebraic computations of the progressives hoping to run a mayoral candidate omitted a few variables: Tony Hall, IRV and Mayoral campaign financing. My personal view is that progressives need to think about fielding two viable candidates to run together under IRV using campaign financing. It will instantly double the money going into progressive messaging and provide a stronger tug to the left to counter what will surely be a very rightward campaign from Tony Hall.

Whether one believes Tony is any threat at all, you can– with almost certainty– know that Tony’s second choice votes will go to Newsom. With two candidates running a left-progressive-moderate campaign (Art, Matt, are you listening?) it might be possible to position at least one of our candidates as the middle-left choice with both Newsom and Hall to the right. With IRV, it just might work. Otherwise, with Tony on the right and a progressive on the left, everyone’s second choice vote goes to the middle.

True, it might have been better for a mano-a-mano campaign of ideas between only two candidates, but we are not given a simple math problem. I think solving for “y” with “2x” gives us the best chance of equaling Room 200.

Rick Galbreath
San Francisco

Dear Beyond Chron Editor,

Maybe I’ve seen one too many “Rocky” films and maybe I’m a bit too
sentimental, but if San Francisco Progressives want to run a
candidate against Gavin Newsom for mayor, they should really get
behind Marc Salomon.

Please, hear me out. Mr. Salomon ran for District 6 Supervisor some
years back. Marc is pro-bike, pro-pedestrian, pro-park, pro-library,
pro-gay marriage, pro-public transportation and pro-open spaces. He
certainly knows the issues. Marc’s on the Western SoMa Citizens
Planning Task Force, he is in this neighborhood group and that
neighborhood group. I don’t think the guy ever goes home!

The Green Party and San Francisco Progressives pride themselves in
being grassroots and in adopting a “from the bottom up” political
philosophy. Why then are they so hell bent on getting a “big name”
for their cause? They keep waiting for the “Great Green Hope” to come
riding in on a bio-diesel moped. What they ought to do is get Marc
Solomon north of Market Street and west of Twin Peaks, shaking hands
and saying, “I’m Marc Salomon and I want to be your next Mayor.”

Listen, the same people who voted Supervisor Tom Ammiano when he was
the write-in candidate against Mayor Willie Brown, who voted for
Supervisor Matt Gonzalez against Newsom and who recently voted for
Ross Mirkarimi and Chris Daly for Supervisor, would certainly vote
for Marc Solomon.

Trust me, there are a lot of issues I disagree with Mr. Soloman on,
but with Marc you get a candidate who genuine and who respectfully
listens to your concerns and your side of the argument.

Here’s an excellent opportunity for Progressives to truly be
“progressive.” Truly think outside the box. Give a worker bee a shot
at the title.

Brian Wallace
San Francisco, CA

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