Mayor Announces Phil Ting to Assessor’s Post

by Casey Mills on July 15, 2005

Mayor Gavin Newsom announced today he will appoint Building Inspection Commissioner Phil Ting to head up the Assessor’s Office. Ting, involved with Asian Law Caucus and a former Guardian-endorsed candidate for MUD board, used his first public appearance as Assessor to note his assessment work for Authur Anderson and his management consulting for the Gap. Newsom promised he would fight hard to get Ting elected to his position this November, when he will face Gerardo Sandoval and several other candidates in a battle to maintain his new post.

Mark Leno attended the press conference announcing Ting’s appointment. His presence provided some proof that Newsom hopes to cut into Sandoval’s leftist base in order to keep his new appointment in office. Ting will likely gain strong support from the Asian community and, with Leno’s help, support from the gay community as well.

Ting promised to run the Assessor’s office with more professionalism, said he hoped to reclaim the public’s trust in the office, and said he hoped he would make each assessment his office made fair and equitable. He emphasized the importance of the revenue the assessor’s office brings in to the city, and said he hopes to do everything he can to help the city’s finances.

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