“Maxwell’s Glass House, DCCC…”

by on May 22, 2006


“Of the thirteen newcomers, there are some that didn’t make any endorsement lists. These candidates include Rodney Hauge, David Villalobos, Maria Martinez, G. Bruce Windrem, and Gilbert F. Criswell. And while Eva Royale received the endorsement of the Labor Council, she didn’t receive any other support. While these candidates still have a chance at victory, they face an uphill battle.”

In reference to your article dated May 16th. Casey Mills makes claims that neither DCCC candidates G. Bruce Windrem nor Gilbert F. Criswell did not make it onto any endorsement list which is incorrect. Both candidates are listed on two slate cards one being the Central City Democrats which has advertised its slate of endorsements for June 6th election on page 8 of the May issue of the Central City Extra.

The other slate endorsement that both candidates received is TAC PAC which is a registered Political Action Committee.

Many of the candidates that Casey Mills mentions as receiving few or none endorsements have low or no budget campaigns. We should applaud anyone who is willing to assume a leadership position.

Michael Nulty
Central City Democrats

Dear Editor,

Redevelopment is a touchy issue. It is understandable that emotions should run high at the Board of Supervisors when the question of whether to hand over Bayview Hunter’s Point to the Redevelopment Agency was considered at Tuesday’s full Board meeting. However, the level of wrath evidenced by Supervisor Maxwell’s attack on Supervisor Ammiano was a new low for the Board.

After commending the good intentions of Maxwell and SFRA Director Marcia Rosen, Ammiano cited the Redevelopment Agency’s lack of transparency, accountability, and its history with the city’s low-income communities as some of the reasons why he could not in good conscience vote yes on the Plan.

Maxwell wasted no time in blaming Ammiano for all of the problems that have plagued the Bayview for decades. His guilt, apparently, emanates from his status as the senior member of the group; or, to put it another way, giving the community over to the Redevelopment Agency was necessary because Ammiano had personally failed to find an alternate solution. This was a cheap shot, and it needs to be refuted.

First of all, if it weren’t for Tom Ammiano, who fought for district elections, District 10 would have no real representation, and Ms. Maxwell would not be a Supervisor.

Second, it is because of Supervisor Maxwell’s inability and unwillingness to provide leadership in, and advocate for the needs of District 10 that she is the only Supervisor who has faced a serious recall challenge in recent memory.

Supervisor Maxwell, having accomplished little for her community during her tenure at the Board, should take a critical look in the mirror before slinging mud at her more accomplished colleagues.

While Supervisor Ammiano has always been the leading advocate on the Board in the areas of Police reform, public education, health care, violence prevention, and environmental justice * the most important issues confronting the residents of the Bayview * Maxwell has been either asleep at the wheel or inexcusably weak on all of these fronts. Her latest, and perhaps most abominable, abdication of responsibility was her push to turn her community over to the Redevelopment Agency for wholesale gentrification. That she chose to single out Supervisor Ammiano as the culprit, rather than Mayor Brown for example, shows both her inability to own up to her own pitiful record, and shows she lacks the common sense to know where to place blame – right at her own doorstep. You know what they say about people in glass houses Supervisor Maxwell* they get recalled.


Terrie Frye

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