A Mary Poppins Twist on Trump

by Lainey Feingold on January 17, 2017

San Jose Civil rights lawyer Mandy Hawes

In searching for a song for the women’s march next Saturday,  San Jose Civil rights lawyer Mandy Hawes came up with this brilliant alternative to the Mary Poppins’ classic super-cali-fragilisticexpialidocious.  She is pictured here holding the sign she made for an immigrant-rights march in San Jose.  Her friend Adam Finkel added the “braggadocious’” line, and BeyondChron contributor Lainey Feingold rounded out the lyrics.

Here are the lyrics:

An awful thing befell the land

In November 0-six-teen’

A threat to our de-mo’-crac-cy
Never be’-fore seen

But the people knew what’s right and wrong
And took it to the streets

And learned a word that summed it up
And sang it with a beat

It’s …..

super callow fragile-ego trump you are atrocious
No one else has lesser cause to be so braggadocious
If you say it loud enough
You’ll always sound precocious

It’s super callow fragile ego trump you are atrocious

Verse two:

So many things were wrong with him another word was needed

The people thought about it and the cry for more was heeded

So sad were they about the man assuming the office high

Another word came to their minds

to become a battle cry

It was…

Super callow-fragile-ego-Hair-so—weirdly- tinged’
Trump you’re il-le-git’-i-mate
And to-tally unhinged

If you keep on tweeting stuff the entire world will cringe, it’s

Super callow-fragile-ego-Hair so weirdly tinged’

The Women’s March Bay Area (with events in Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose) occurs Saturday, January 21.



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