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by on January 4, 2021

Hello Randy,


I really like your optimistic article Ending Homelessness—And Other Predictions for 2021. I sure hope that your predictions are right and that we will see Biden acting strongly on this. This is a terrible problem that has been going on ever since Reagan, and under both Republican and Democratic presidents. What is going on now is utterly sickening. As I mentioned to you before I lived in San Francisco all of my life until I moved to Chico 20 years ago. We have so many homeless people here and many are camping in Bidwell Park. A man died in the park this pas weekend, as a result of being out in the cold. A conservative majority took control of the city council and they directed the police to remove the homeless from the park, but they have no place to go. When the liberals controlled the city council, they didn’t do much to address this problem. A woman friend of mine in San Francisco tells me Geary and Masonic is filled with homeless people and tents.


If Biden seriously addresses this and other problems in our country and if he widely uses his executive authority if he must, he will be a very popular president. The Democrats will get a majority in both houses of congress in 2022(if they don’t already have one in the senate depending on today’s Georgia election), and Biden will be easily re-elected in ’24.


I shared your article to my Facebook page, and I sent it to my email list.

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