Leno-Migden Spat; Obama and Cuba …

by on September 10, 2007


So much for BeyondChron’s journalistic integrity. In the entire piece castigating “the Migden-Perata machinations,” the only quote that even begins to support your thesis is the one from Senator Perata which opened the piece. No interviews with even nefarious “unnamed sources” in the senate, no confirmations from senate insiders, not one piece of hard evidence. And, on top of that, not even a “Senator Migden declined to comment for this story” disclaimer at the end.

This is the very kind of story that you constantly harangue the Chronicle about writing: opinions masquerading as reporting.

I have long enjoyed BeyondChron’s perspective and revealing the story under the story that the Chronicle fails to report. Funny, the same topic was the subject of an article in today’s Chron. Only they included Assemblymember Leno’s using his chairmanship of Appropriations to hold up– what else? — Senator Migden’s legislation on his side of the Capitol. The difference was two-fold: they castigated both sides for the legislative gamesmanship and they ran it as an editorial.

It is fine if you want to run hit pieces. Just call them opinion.

Rick Galbreath
San Francisco


I may have forgotten to email you to tell you how smart and lucid your report on the Cuba “spat” between Obama and Hillary is. It was re-blogged in a comment on my Newsvine blog so I thought I’d make sure I gave you props.

These foreign policy issues are far from “spats” and I’m glad you treated this one with such finesse. I support Obama because of his foreign as well as domestic policies, and these days especially, a candidate with an intelligent foreign policy isn’t an indulgence; it’s vital for this country and everyone in it.

Have you ever noticed, btw, that there aren’t any attacks of Edwards for inexperience and foreign policy weakness, though he’s got less experience than Obama and his major foreign policy vote was for the Iraq War? Why do you think that is?

Virginia Velez
Alameda, CA

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