Laguna Honda Senior’s Rally

by Doug Comstock on December 7, 2005

With Leland Yee, PhD Speaker pro Tempore, California State Assembly. Dec. 10, ’05 * 10am-12 Noon, St John’s Armenian Church Hall, 275 Olympia Way. (Off Clarendon by the Firehouse, Just behind Laguna Honda Hospital)

The 1999 bond measure to rebuild Laguna Honda approved by the voters contained a fatal flaw that has allowed the City to use Laguna Honda as a catch basin for San Francisco General’s overflow patients, rather than as a facility for seniors, its historical use and the use understood by voters when we passed the bond measure. Young, violent and mentally ill patients do not mix well with seniors and the disabled, and too many have been harmed the City’s bad judgement.

A grass-roots iniative effort is collecting signatures for the June 2006 San Francisco municipal ballot to establish a Laguna Honda Hospital Special Use District to protect and conserve Laguna Honda as a valuable and irreplaceble healthcare facility needed for San Francisco’s frail, elderly and physically disabled residents requiring long-term skilled nursing care. Speciaity medical units such as hospice, AIDS, and respite care will continue to be permitted uses in the special use district.

San Franciscans for Laguna Honda is holding a rally to inform the public about how to help. Please join us- the time is short and our seniors are at great risk!

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