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by on August 5, 2011

To the Editor:

Very good article. I hope the unions read it! I also wish that Jim Hoffa had some of his father’s meanness, because this nice guy attitude that Obama gives is a no win situtation when going against the far right extremists in this country. They play dirty. Just look at what is going on in Wisconsin. If we do not get strong tough leadership, we are history. Sad thing about it, nobody seems to care that we are history! They must all be drawing nice paychecks from those that wish to destroy the middle class. And every time I hear Obama use the word “fight,” I wish I could reach out and slap him because that man don’t even have a clue as to what it means.

Cindy Chambers
North Richland Hills, TX

To the Editor:

Keeping U.S. workers and U.S. expensive means that fewer of them will survive. For decades we could afford to be expensive, but those years are far in the past. We become more competitive when workers in other countries have higher standards of living. The single best thing that unions can do for U.S. workers is work to raise the pay and benefits of workers in other countries. Water finds its own level. Air pressure equalizes. Money works the same way.

George Huebschman
Baltimore, MD

To the Editor:

Randy Shaw hit the bulls-eye when he said that labor’s “reliance on electing Democrats as its key strategy for boosting union membership” is a big problem. It is absolutely true. Rank and File union members who pay dues become the “cash cow” of the Democratic Party. The leadership of AFL-CIO and “Change To Win” federation continue to play the political game donating millions of union dues monies to Democrats but failed to deliver good results to union members and to the working people, in general. It’s time to form our own Labor Party to “rock the boat” and get results. The Tea Party is rocking the boat that the Republican Party can’t ignore. Labor can do the same. What do union members think?

Andres Bonifacio
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I’m not surprised that Labor has stayed quiet on this deficit deal … it’s not the first time. Even when its rank and file threw their support behind a single-payer, Medicare for All solution to our health care problem, the brass ignored this and went with Obama and the DEM party’s ruse of a public option, meant only to keep us away from single payer. Americans know they haven’t gotten good health care reform, and we saw this in the results of the 2010 election. It’s time for a true Labor party that does not include the failed remnants of our current Labor entities. It must address the needs of ALL workers, whether in a union or not, at all levels of employment and their deteriorating labor standards. It’s well past time for our American Spring!!

Barbara Commins
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Where is this so-called army of replacement workers, and how did they find these replacement jobs? I work for Verizon in New Jersey, heard rumors but nothing substantial.

Leon Koski
Belleville, NJ

To the Editor:

I was employed at Verizon in 1989. Verizon is a very profitable company that built its wireless industry off the landline side. This article is very informative. When is America going to wake up?

Karen Estabrook
Mastic, NY

To the Editor:

Well thought out “outside of the box” union strategies must replace an antiquated “status quo” mentality. As a recent CWA/Verizon retiree I witnessed how working without a contract threw the company a virtual Mariano Rivera slider. Excellent insight by Steve Early!

Phil Duffy
Liverpool, NY

To the Editor:

Ed Lee has been a competent interim mayor, but he is essentially a placeholder who makes sweet love to public employee unions, then tells us all how lucky we are for the pension deal he has proposed. That deal would be a raw one for any San Franciscan who is not on the city’s payroll.

Re-working the pensions into something we can pay for over the long term is the most important issue for the city to deal with. It will involve angering the public employee unions and disappointing non-employee citizens as well. But it must be done. The pension challenge will need someone with vision and courage to go against vested interests, in this case, employees’ interests.

Ed Lee, Leeland Yee, Dennis Herrera, and John Avalos are not willing to take up that challenge. I am still looking for someone who will. Suggestions?

Dana B.
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I never met Mike (Miguel) Wooding, but know his parents well. You don’t know what this story and the letters from your readers have meant to them.

Rick Gaido
North Syracuse, NY

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