La Cocina’s F&B: Voices From the Kitchen, April 7

by Caleb Zigas on March 28, 2017

La Cocina’s F&B: Voices From the Kitchen is a storytelling event designed to share the less often heard voices from kitchens across the country while providing guests with a full sensory experience including food, drinks and real contemplation. This season’s theme revolves around race.

Race has been and is one of the most defining aspects of what it means to be American. In our Spring F&B, we invite speakers to explore their experience and understanding of race and we invite guests into their consciousness, their fears, their knowledge and their personal experiences. We’re honored to share voices like Todd Kliman’s (Coding dinner in DC), Michael Twitty, Alexis Madrigal, Fernay McPherson, Stephanie Fields, Nourish|Resist, The People’s Kitchen Collective, Tunde Wey, Bonnie Tsui, Tannis Reinhertz, Jennifer 8. Lee, Crystal Sykes and more. You can expect to learn about the culture of cutty bangs, growing up in the Fillmore during the 80s, the Black Panthers Free Breakfast program, the racial undertones of the chinese chicken salad, resistance, identity, heritage, discomfort and more.

I hope that you might both consider joining us, and inviting your peers, your network and people that you think should continue to be pushed to think about how race affects our everyday lives.

Visit to view our full lineup and to purchase tickets.

Caleb Zigas is Executive Director of La Cocina

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