“Kerry aided Communists”-Has The Examiner Gone Nuts?

by Randy Shaw on August 28, 2004

I do not usually waste time responding to editorials in the San Francisco Examiner. The truth is that such pieces go unread even by the paper’s own staff. But when the Examiner’s Kathleen Antrim wrote a column on Friday accusing John Kerry of aiding Communism, it struck me that the right-wing Christian Coalition billionaire who now owns the paper is a true political nutcase.

Kathleen Antrim’s Examiner columns would be right at home in a 1960’s newsletter of the John Birch society. She may have been the only newspaper columnist in America who argued-and this is not a joke-that the Swift Boat Vets for Truth were actually telling the truth.

Now Antrim sees John Kerry as pro-communist. She also describes him as a “self-professed war criminal” and “an exposed wartime turncoat.”

The tone of Antrim’s writings reflect someone in need of mental health assistance. Why the SF Examiner is providing a platform for her lunatic ravings is disturbing, and explains why many are already looking back fondly at the Fang-owned Examiner days.

The Ex’s right-wing owner bought a paper in the wrong city. Antrim alienates readers for the paper’s fine local news coverage, and fosters the notion that the paper should not be taken seriously.

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