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by on February 9, 2009

To the Editor:

San Francisco has 28,000 employees, the City can function fine with half as many and some good management. Raising Taxes on small businesses that are just barely hanging on would be an economic disaster. The Board needs to wake up and run this city with fiscal oversite, and prioritize making the necessary cuts.

Daniel Levin

To the Editor:

“Real Estate Speculators?” Really? Aren’t you ashamed that your case is so weak that you need to turn to scaremongering?

The truth of the matter is this – Many of the people in the Condo Lottery are middle class individuals that got into the housing market in the only way possible for them, to buy into a TIC. Taking those units to condo for the most part, will not throw anyone out of their homes – there are laws to manage those who would use this process for financial gain.

For those of us who are just looking to own property, I take personal offense to being lumped into a group that is categorized as unfeeling, money hungry, yuppies. Shame on you.

David Galullo

To the Editor:

Tommi Avicolli-Mecca’s article, “Stacking the Church with Nut Jobs” was just exceptional! I had heard a bit about Pope Benedict’s “compassionate” move to reinstate four conservative bishops “cruelly” excommunicated by Pope John Paul, but didn’t learn much detail from the mainstream media. Tommi’s well-researched article provided all the shocking facts. Nut jobs, indeed!

Donald Havis

To the Editor:

Tommi Avicolli-Mecca’s article made me laugh out loud, because it is true — and the truth is some funny stuff! However, it is also incredibly sad in the same turn and painfully obvious that this hierarchy has gone from the path of Christ Consciousness.


To the Editor:

The Vatican fails my “Snail Honesty Test” for the second time in a month. If gays were snails, then Vatican policy would be: “We welcome snails – but dragging your house around on your back and leaving a glistening trail is an abomination before God!”

If Holocaust Deniers were snails, then Vatican policy would be: “We shun snails – but dragging your house around on your back and leaving a glistening trail is irrelevant as criteria for club membership!” The stream of humbug coming from Rome would be funny if it wasn’t malevolent.

Peter Robinson

To the Editor:

Look, I’m a traditionalist young Catholic of Japanese ancestry. I resent all this bullshit in the press trashing my Pope, Benedict XVI and his decisions. I support the traditional Mass that the Society of St. Pius X and its 4 bishops celebrate. I support the Pope for bringing back the “old Mass,” and for trying to get rid of the fabricated garbage that came from Vatican II.

Benedict XVI is trying to do his job as Pope, something John Paul II didn’t do. He was a showman, an actor, and a communicator. That’s all. He neglected the minute details of running the Vatican and the Church. He preferred to be a perpetual tourist. Which is why the Church is in a mess today.

Bishop Williamson is the only “nut job” you speak of. He has a big mouth. But the Jews are acting in bad form too. You don’t go around calling the Pope “untrustworthy, a liar, and a hypocrite,” like they do. Time to cut off relations with them.

If the Pope were smart, he’d ignore them, and push more tradition in the Church. All the dissidents and malcontents, the ecumaniacs, liberals, and others would quit. Leaving the Pope to be Pope of faithful Catholics who appreciate him direction. And there’s more of us than you think!

Kenjiro Shoda

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