“Judge Dzintra, Plan C…”

by on June 16, 2006

Oh, our goodness, Randy Shaw – you shine!

This latest BeyondChron.org article sure makes my insides smile again –

(have you seen LA City Attorney Office’s Press Release of today??)

Thank you for adding our website www.lincolnplace.net for interested readers. Indeed, our buildings still envelope real people, and us remaining tenants still gather weekly for venting, making lists, and especially, creating policy!

Democracy is alive and almost well here in Venice. As a member of our Neighborhood Council, representing the District that includes both Lincoln Place and another ‘overdevelopment threat’, the immediately adjacent commercial ‘Lincoln Center’ (gotta change that name!), facing our Highway 1/Lincoln Blvd., you can imagine our busy-ness for almost two decades…

Again, your ‘diagnosis’ of our common health/wealth system is truly appreciated.


Ingrid Mueller


Thanks for your article on the defeat of anti-tenant judge Dzintra Janavs in Los Angeles.

I thought Beyond Chron readers might be interested in SF Superior Court Judge James Warren’s comments at a recent hearing I had dealing with the law that requires higher relocation payments to tenants evicted under the Ellis Act. This is the law that Judge Warren threw out, only to be reversed on appeal.

Here is what he said just weeks ago:

“And mostly what this is, it seems to me, is that this is a terrible statute and I don’t like it, it shouldn’t be applied anywhere because no matter where it is, it’s going to be unconstitutionally damaging …”

This disdain for tenant protection laws guided Judge Warren’s decisions during his time in the SF Law and Motion department. Let’s hope his replacement has a different perspective.

Dean Preston


Ken Werner’s June 14 article about Jordanna Thigpen’s DCCC race states that Thigpen’s race was “partially funded by … Plan C, the notorious offshoot of SFSOS.” We at Plan C were pround to back Thigpen, a mainstream San Francisco Democrat who is doing her best to try to make the City a better place. And whether we’re “notorious” is, I guess, in the eye of the beholder. But we’re hardly an “offshoot” of SFSOS. Plan C dates back to July 2001, when a group of a dozen or so of us (all volunteer, all grass-roots, and with none of us having any prior political background) got together to try to fight for things that no group seemed to be fighting for: things like homeownership for the working and middle class, and sensible homelessness solutions (we were the first citywide group to endorse and collect signatures for Care Not Cash). That was a full year before SFSOS formed in 2002. So while we agree with SFSOS on most things, and happy to partner with them when we do, we’re hardly an “offshoot”.

Mike Sullivan
Plan C Chair

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