JROTC Fiasco; Muni Budget; Andy Stern and SEIU; Torture Crimes …

by on May 12, 2009

Dear Marc Norton:

More of the same as always regarding your views on JROTC. A program that has over a 90% high school graduation rate, of which attend college thereafter (better than the school district), you fail to mention that no one in the program ever complained and that it is supported by the majority of principles and PTSA. Would you go further into why you believe the program is racist? (Majority of students in the program are minorities.) Forgot to mention that also?

Michael Thomas

To the Editor:

It is really disappointing to see Beyond Chron buy into the false math of the situation with the POP (Proof of Payment) system, by quoting the “$8 million spent for only $350,000 in fines” line that is popular and catchy — but also totally deceptive.

It’s even more ironic to see a writer who claims to be for “social justice” beat this drum, because if we were to use the logic that a proof of payment system has to earn its keep in fines, the writer would seem to be advocating writing over 130,000 tickets a year, a task not possible with current manpower, and one that would encourage Muni to simply issue NO transfers or fast passes, and paint a target on the back of every Muni passenger with the hope of issuing a citation.

The point of a Proof of Payment system, properly enforced, ensures that most people are paying their fare either at the farebox or via FastPass or Translink. It is not a bounty hunter system that pays for itself solely on “fines.” Muni did no favors for itself when its own staff were unable to explain by how much the fare collection went up at the hearing (but DID manage to say something months ago in a press release). And, it’s no secret that most fare inspectors don’t work most of the lines, ensuring that scofflaws can steal from all of us as they like.

The many complexities of the Muni budget are difficult to navigate, and the SFMTA, the Board, and the Mayor face great challenges. Using deceptive “soundbites” to discuss the issue only ensures that more misinformation is created at a time when we need the best information possible.

Greg Dewar
N Judah Chronicles

To the Editor:

Andy Stern’s behavior as a labor leader reminds me of the actions of countless known agent provocateurs who infiltrate and sabotage movements from the inside. His close collaborations with the very industries his union is organizing against should warn us that he is not hiding where his class alliances lie.

Robert Ovetz

To the Editor:

The torture crimes committed by the Bush-Cheney Administration were not just against the United States Of America, so they should be tried in The Hague. I think foreign judges will be less biased and will be able to come to a verdict based only on the facts of what these people said and did.

Dan Underhill

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