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by on October 23, 2008

Hi Paul,

Actually there is a complete alternative curriculum to JROTC already available, modeled to replace JROTC unit by unit, that includes all of the elements you mentioned in your article. It is called “Leaders,” developed by the non-profit Teach Peace Foundation, a group based in Davis, CA, that develops and markets curricula with peace messages. I read through it and thought it was great, and started volunteering to get it considered.

Teach Peace presented to the committee you mention and to the SFUSD curriculum committee, and met with Jane Kim and other key people, even offering to do a free pilot and to modify the content to match specific concerns (most of the content concerns raised revealed that the committee hadn’t actually read Teach Peace’s proposal). So there is even more to this than meets the eye. A comprehensive program was rejected, even attacked, without even summary consideration. Why? I don’t know.

Millie Phillips
Parent of SFUSD high school student

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