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by on March 30, 2011

To the Editor:

There is very little difference between Jerry Brown’s budget and previous budgets, because Brown’s budget is master-minded by Corporate America and Big Oil. There is no provision for closing corporate and commercial tax loopholes, no oil extraction tax and no oil corporation, windfall-profits tax. The UK has just introduced an oil company, windfall-profits tax. Californians pay the highest price for gasoline in the nation. Brown’s budget is the same because again, it picks on the most vulnerable. Jerry is blackmailing Californians into voting for his tax extensions. These budget cuts will prolong the recession.

Earl Richards
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Thank You, Dean Preston, for stating what is fact and truth about the developer agreements, and project, vs. the sugar-coated financial lollipop that the MOEWD is stuffing down the cities throat. Muni has no money, but hey here comes a developer with cash willing to pay for extensions in there direction vs. direct connection and a regional hub adjacent to the dual developments through grade separation as suggested by the SFPUC as the “preferred” and safest alternative for 19th Avenue.

Ignoring the loss of open-space, and ignoring mitigation issues such as cumulative impacts on one community, the demolition of housing that has been “renovated” by stellar already at the tune of 130 million. Where does this all go? To the trash can … We get a glorified visual by the architect of the lifecycle of building materials, but no explanation to how this project wastes much more than what is shown. Trees, landscape, materials from the 1940’s all will need water alone to regrade and replant beyond the project sponsors estimates.

Its a gravy train for the developer and city, it needs to be sent back to the SF Planning Department, it needs to adequately address preservation and infill the most sustainable solution to the concerns. By ignoring the towers and seismic issues, ignoring the community members statements and memos of national organizations, and by ignoring sound alternatives submitted by the public we are seeing the city officials ignoring there public positions in terms of the future of the city and adhering to the principles of CEQA and the SF General Plan.

As an architect and Bay Area native, I am ashamed of how the government representatives have not taken this issue to task. Only a few have spoken or sent memos of opposition. The petition on under Parkmerced states the reality of over 157 people signing against the project as shown.

Aaron Goodman
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I live in Miraloma Park, and we are fighting high density projects the SF Planning and Board of Supervisors want approved. The 795 Los Palmos project is a good example where 4 homes will be reside where there was onee before and the property is not large. The project is totally out of alignment with Miraloma Park. The Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors approved an EIR waiver even though an independent review was never conducted. This parcel suffered mud slides and fatalities as a result. The Board of Supervisors sit there like potted plants, just endorsing the planning commission. They would stack us 10 homes high.

Leslie Tack
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Excellent article! I look forward to the next one. I was a SEIU Local 660 rep in Los Angeles who was fired along with 19 other reps in 2007 when Andy Stern forced the merger of 7 SEIU locals in southern California to create Local 721. The Stern Group said we didn’t fit the new model of sell-out and business unionism. They were right. The lies and dirty tactics that the Stern group used to force the merger was disgraceful. I worked with NUHW after it was formed, and saw these same dirty tactics again, but even worse. I personally witnessed SEIU supporters attempt to intimidate NUHW supporters. Good luck to NUHW in this current lawsuit!

Paul Krehbiel
Pasadena, CA

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