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by on March 16, 2009

To the Editor:

I can’t believe Jerry Brown is running for Governor again. He was bad the first time around as guv. That’s how he earned his nickname of Governor Moonbeam. I’m voting for John Garamendi, although I don’t think he has a chance.

Take care,

Maggie Carmody

To the Editor:

NUHW lied to Kaiser workers, and didnt tell us the truth … and when they brought the petitions it was a pivital time because uhw was just put into trusteeship and no one could be reached at the union hall. When NUHW prostituted the union stewards of Orange County and included the Rep Chair Lori Laucik into giving out the decertification forms to revoke union dues as well as cope funds. And her comment was well employee’s due need to be in a union but is Kaiser going to fire everyone. That is not practical; that is folish. What is this world coming too.

But this NUHW has made so much of a mess of there tactics and constant flooding of emails and having stewards record steward council meeting and have put employees jobs in jeapordy so they can build a union. Where in the hell did these people come from. So apparently Sal Roselli has taken money from uhw that was union dues from kaiser and other hospitals and started there own union and is asking for members to make a donation to fund this new union …

M. Lancey

To the Editor:

Secret Ballots are the only way to guarantee freedom of choice, and freedom from intimidation. Those who think union reps and members would not use intimidation to get what they want are deluded or idiots. If you don’t believe me, you haven’t read about the SEIU fiasco. Card check denies basic civil rights in the workplace.

Name Withheld Upon Request to Prevent Harassment

To the Editor:

The mere idea that unions would even contemplate the removal of the secret ballot in the unionization process is an unconscionable travesty. It proves that Big Labor is about the ends, regardless of the means. Add to that the additional provision that allows an arbitrator to write the union contract in the absence of one being worked out within 90 days and you have a recipe for the worst kind of intimidation, coercion and bad faith negotiations the world has ever seen.

I pray (though I have little hope) that Republicans can hold this legislation back. I cannot put into words how destructive this stupid peice of crap would be to our Republic.

Kevin Korenthal
Conservative Blogger

PAUL HOGARTH RESPONDS: EFCA does *NOT* eliminate the secret ballot. It merely gives employees the choice to either go with card-check, or an NLRB election. The current law gives the employer the unfettered right to mandate an election in lieu of a card-check agreement, leaving workers with no choice. Why do employers always want an NLRB election? Because it gives them time to intimidate and harass workers. Taking away their power to squelch card-check is their worst nightmare.

KEVIN KORENTHAL: What method is used to poll the employees as to whether or not they would like a secret ballot or card check election?

PAUL HOGARTH: A majority of workers have to ask for a secret ballot. Or, conversely a majority of workers ask for card check.

KEVIN KORENTHAL: And a card check election is done to accomplish that. That leaves the ability for one side or the other (to be fair) to use coercion and/or intimidation to get the result they want. You can split hairs all you want, but the bottom line is that EFCA removes employees ability to vote in private without fear that how they voted will be revealed. I am not some dumb-ass hack pundit who has failed to read the actual proposed legislation, so stop trying to con me.

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