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by on November 30, 2010

To the Editor:

Randy Shaw didn’t need to offer his cynical comparison of Jerry Brown with Barack Obama. Both men are highly competent. These attacks on President Obama seem racist to me. Would George Bush, as inept as he was, be held to the same standard? I think not. Shaw can keep his editorializing to himself. His piece is worth reading, when one gets beyond the mean-spirited and unnecessary comments about President Obama.

Theresa Bennett-Wilkes
Oakland, CA

To the Editor:

This article is a mass of contradictions and false hopes, just like Jerry Brown and his supporters. Some of his backers – like public employee unions (SEIU, CTA,CFT, AFSCME) – supported him because of fear of Meg Whitman’s budget ax. Now Brown will simply carry out many of the same lay-offs, furloughs, and two-tier pension schemes in the name of “lowered expectations.” One would hope public workers would resist and demand Brown protect good union jobs; the unions’ money and people power were the main reason he was elected.

Yes, “Jerry Brown … coasted to an easy victory over Meg Whitman’s millions, and did so without raising expectations among his supporters,” who just wanted someone other than Whitman. We were denied any fair media coverage of the progressive candidates who might have checked Brown – Carlos Alvarez and Laura Wells, who was arrested for asserting her right to be in a debate (without a peep from Brown). If we can’t even get ‘progressive’ candidates to be heard in the media and debates, then Brown will indeed continue to move to the conservative side.

The time to build a movement outside the electoral arena was during the election – when the public was engaged (somewhat) and the Peace & Freedom and Green Party candidates had issues and solutions to present that were excluded from the phony ‘debates.’ Now it will be desperation time again; disabled activists, the homeless, seniors without In Home Health Services, children with no day care and their advocates will have to chain themselves to JB’s Plymouth to get any justice – much less fair funding.

Tax the rich, Jerry!

Paul Burton
Oakland, CA

To the Editor:

To suggest that the political climate in San Francisco has not changed to a more moderate philosophy is, at best, wishful thinking. The passages of Propositions D and L, and the defeating of any revenue enhancement measures, proposed by the “progressives” is a political statement that should not be ignored.

Quite frankly, I do not want political lame ducks chosing the interim mayor. The new Board after selecting the interim mayor, should begin the long overdue discussions of transparency and accountability in city government. Hopefully, the new supervisors will be more honest with their constituents, and advise that the good old days are over, and they are not coming back anytime soon.

Tomas Picarello
Tenderloin Resident

To the Editor:

I attended the 2007 “Progressive Convention” that Supervisor Chris Daly had organized to attempt finding a challenger against Mayor Newsom. I was very disappointed, because the event became a gathering of gutless “wannabes.” There’s no question that there are six (6) incumbent progressives on the board that can select an interim Mayor now. In my opinion, they should select Senator Leland Yee because he’s a consensus builder, and has declared interest to run for San Francisco Mayor next year. He’s a real contender. We might as well select him now, so he can start rebuilding the City that Newsom destroyed. The people of San Francisco are tired of hearing politicians like Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom using MUNI problem as a campaign material to get elected. We know better now.

Daz Lamparas
San Francisco

To the Editor:

The Tenderloin suffers a huge loss with the death of Bill Hart. Bill was all about commitment, humanity and compassion. Bill was in a league of his own and his contribution will be sorely missed. He was a gentleman and a champion! I will miss him greatly.

David Seward
San Francisco

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