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by on November 18, 2011

To the Editor:

I beg to differ with your assessment of Jean Quan as an inept progressive. She is definitely inept, and most definitely not a progressive. I knew Jean Quan when she was an SEIU hack supporting the SEIU takeover of Local 250 in 1987-88. As with the other SEIU hacks, she had a clear authoritarian tendency.

Fortunately, SEIU lost the election and I was there to see Jean Quan fired. After her frivolous EEOC charge was dismissed, she moved on and somehow got herself elected to the Oakland school board where she forced the teachers out on strike at least once. Continuing her ‘progressive’ masquerade, she got elected to the Oakland city council where, while not in the inner circle of the Perata/De La Fuente kleptocracy, she excelled at being part of the pathetic circle jerk that passes for our city government.

So no one should be surprised at her violent, immoral and unconstitutional response to Occupy Oakland. For a brief moment there, she forgot her ‘progressive’ charade and succumbed to her authoritarian nature and did what comes naturally. It was only after she became an object of national ridicule that she backed off a bit.

Ultimately, she was never going to say no to her corporate paymasters over at the Chamber of Commerce, and Occupy Oakland will continue to be under attack as long as this pathetic hack remains our mayor. I’m on board for the recall!

Charlie Ridgell
Oakland, CA

To the Editor:

Suzanne Gordon’s piece about Evelyn Lauder is yet another example of grapes at their most sour. Her snide comments about a great philanthropist only underscore how miserable she must be, nose permanently pressed against the glass.

Mary-Louise Wilkinson
London, England

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