Jaynry Mak and School Board; More on Bailout …

by on September 29, 2008

To the Editor:

I am absolutely baffled why Ken Tray and the “United Educators of San Francisco” have decided to endorse Jaynry Mak’s run for the school board. She was reprimanded for poor ethical practices when she ran for a board of supervisors seat two years ago (she gave $100 bills to busboys, and then had them donate the money to her campaign).

Isn’t it obvious that she is just another up-and-coming pol trying to use the school board as a stepping stong to bigger things? This is not what the children of San Francisco need, with another round of budget imbalances looming.

My guess is that the teacher’s union endorsed her because she promises to support them at all costs, carte blanche.

Morgan Sparks


Over 70 years ago, Marine General Smedley Butler was photographed in Washington, D.C., holding a broom to “sweep clean dirty government stables” of lobbyists for war profiteers. He found that lobbyists back then acted against the interests of Americans. He noted that lobbyists did not even care if young soldiers lost their lives, so long as a war increased corporate profits.

Once again, the “dirty government stables” of Washington are filled with lobbyists who are using the U.S. Treasury as a cash machine for their corporate sponsors. Does anyone still believe that lobbyists for Enron, credit-card companies, oil companies, “investment” banks, defense contractors, Arthur Anderson (now Accenture), Halliburton, etc., pay politicians to serve the interest of taxpayers?

Unbelievably, Bush’s cronies are opposing demands by Congress to allow oversight of corrupt companies and their CEOs in exchange for $700,000,000,000.00. Why should taxpayers pay anything at all to corrupt companies in exchange for what Congress should have been doing in the first place?

It’s time to prohibit corporations that receive money from taxpayers to use taxpayer money to lobby for even more money from taxpayers. And, it’s eight years past time to start enforcing the ethical obligation of every office holder to serve the public interest.

Sadly, many current office holders, even in San Francisco, do not know that serving the interest of a campaign contributor is not the same as serving the public interest.

Erica Byrne
San Francisco

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