“I Heard That” — Obama Camp Must Focus on Black Community

by Rochelle Metcalfe on September 24, 2008

THE CITY PREACHER – REV. AMOS BROWN IS ALL FIRED UP AND READY TO GO!!! He passionately stated at a meeting last Friday night, ‘CAMP OBAMA’ would open Monday in the Westbay Conference Center on Fillmore during the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Rev. Brown is President of the San Francisco Chapter of the NAACP with an office located on the lower floor.

The activist minister ANNOYED by the opening of Campaign Obama headquarters on Market Street, between 5th and 6th streets, because it is a dangerous area especially at night, and would not attract or accessible to Black supporters who want to GET OUT THE VOTE FOR OBAMA, AND the need for an office in the HEART of the Fillmore! This writer would agree! We need to be on top of the situation for there is a WHITE BACK LASH who will not vote for a Black man to be president!!!

When talking to Rev. early Monday morning, he was on the phone calling White ministers like RICK WARREN and others to come together on a conference call to discuss the issue. STAY TUNED!

Last Friday night Rev. Brown spoke at the SF Post News “VOTE 2008 REGISTRATION PARTY” sponsored by the Post and several Black activist groups that INCLUDED SF NAACP, African American Democratic Club, Black Leadership Forum, and Carolyn Clary Brown, founder CC’s Classic Steppers. WADE WOOD, Editor SF Post stated in an E-mail, “We are pleased and proud to be a part of such a broad-based effort on behalf of getting our candidate in the White House. It is important for our community to be a leader and make this White House run a reality!” Woods, KEVIN JEFFERSON and entourage of staff people attended the Democratic Convention in Denver and came back with a wealth of memories documented in video, shown that evening.

My ears perked when Brown noted SENATOR BARACK OBAMA was not spending any money with the BLACK MEDIA!!! And pointed out NNPA Columnist Ron Walter’s piece printed in the Florida Courier “Obama not funding Black Community turnout” which he faxed to me Saturday. It’s been reported by NNPA 8-million African Americans STILL not registered to vote and a desperate need to get them to the POLLS!

HEARD there are some dissatisfaction with Obama for he’s not coming into Black neighborhoods to speak to US – Black folks who are also suffering from the economical down trend – loss of homes due to foreclosure, job losses, unemployment ran out! Rev. Brown pointed out Obama is not to think he’s got the Black vote in his hip pocket – he’s GOT TO SPEAK TO US !!!

My evening started on DA KORNER at 1300 with dinner (what a magnificent treat, thanks to THE pleasant hostess-with-the mostest Ms. MEAGHAN (Mitchell) for bringing my attention to the special entree of the evening – QUAIL, two pheasant birds stuffed with savory sage dressing that was SCREEAMIN’ and prepared by Sous Chef MARK under the watchful eye of 1300’s Executive Chef David Lawrence. Five orders were offered that evening, testing for the Fall menu. I was the FIRST to order, full of praise, and a thumbs up!

While on the scene enjoyed interesting conversations with folks like charming business woman FEYSAN LODDE, Founder MTV Transit, there to meet LONDON BREED and MR. SETH – wonderful to see the young man on the rise who graduated this semester from George Town. . Several years ago met both Breed and Seth at a political event, immediately tapped them for SUCCESS!!! So far they have not proven me wrong!!!

1300 is THE spot on Friday nights…fashionable WARREN STEWART, Senior Deputy Director ex-offender Reentry Program, Morrisania West, Inc.; Wedding consultant JESSICA CASTLE with friends; my friend HARRISON CHASTANG, BeyondChron contributor found me in the Heritage room chatting with the traveling Crums – Joyce and Elvin. Chastang, also KPOO News Director, and I always converse about Politics, sports. Chastang covered the Democratic Convention in Denver and filled me in on all the gossip!

Didn’t recognize Cedric Jackson, President Black Leadership Forum…threw me with his long dreadlocks pulled back!; young smiling REV. FLOYD TRAMMEL planted a kiss on my cheek; when leaving the area espied the Right Rev. ARNOLD TOWNSEND, summer straw brim enduring the light rain.

SATURDAY BACK ON DA MO’ high noon to hear political spiels by candidates seeking VOTES in the November 4 election at RASSELAS Jazz Club and Restaurant where the African American Democratic Club (AADC), Dr. Toye Moses, President , in conjunction with several Black political clubs held a “Joint Candidates Forum/Endorsement and Interview meeting” moderated by CHARLES SPENCER, AADC 2nd Vice President, and community activist AILEEN HERNANDEZ.

Candidates seeking endorsement included: LYNETTE SWEET reelection to BART BOARD of Directors District 7 – she sweetened us with miniature candy bars; DR. JAMES CALLOWAY 4th attempt to capture a seat on SF Board of Education; CHRIS JACKSON running for Community College Board. My friend MILTON MARKS incumbent Board of Trustees SF Community College District, seeking another term. CAROLINE MARKS actively campaigning for her son’s reelection. The widow of the late Senator Milton Marks is a Political PRO! ; Alicia Wang Supervisor running for District 1;

RON DUDUM, again running for Supervisor Dist. 4, last time narrowly beaten by 53 votes, ED JEW won, but within a year , the Supervisor was defrocked because of several serious charges, and forced off the Board. Mayor Gavin Newsom did not appoint Dudum due to political reasons, but selected CARMEN CHU who has to run for the seat November 4;

Honorable Supervisor SOPHIE MAXWELL encouraged people to get out the vote, as did Commissioner Larry Martin, President SF Parks and Recreation Board. Shared with me he’s leading the SEARCH for a NEW Executive Director as you may have read Manager YOMI AGUNBIADE will be leaving!

SPARKS FLEW when former San Francisco Board of Education member KEITH JACKSON challenged a current Board member up for reelection when he was speaking at the mike, about the Board’s intention to DISCONTINUE the JRROTC program in the schools – got to be a lil’ TOUCHY between the two! BUT their dialogue set off Ms. DONNA SMITH on staff at Balboa High School who is in favor of JRROTC, angry over the school board’s plan to end the program in June. Watch out for PROP V on the November 4 ballot. Current school board member SISTUH’ KIMBERLEY SHREE MAUFAS was in the mix…not sure how she will cast her vote!

Savvy Miss Donna let her thoughts be known to the moderators; Hernandez cautioned her the Forum was not the time to discuss the issue. The GODFATHER LEROY KING also stated to Smith he did not agree with her argument. I’ll let Miss Donna tell you the rest! Several gathered around her after the meeting; seemingly in agreement were: Church activist DOROTHY COOK, ZORAINA JAMES, and KEITH JACKSON.

Dropping a few names of busy people on the scene: Political consultant LISA WILLIAMS whose working on No on Prop 8, and OBAMA campaign, assisting Rev. Brown in setting up the Fillmore office; Kevin Jefferson of Ella Hill Hutch Community Center and SF Post News; Suritha Jackson, founder Nanny’s Sober Living; Deborah Tutson of DeYoung Museum staff; Julian Davis – Prop. H; Rev. DR. JAMES McCRAY, Jr., Chairman Board of Directors SFMTA (MUNI); Lovely JANE MORRISON, member San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee.

HUMP WEDNESDAY – over at the MONTE CARLO Lounge and Restaurant LAST Wednesday night during DJ SILKY SMOOTH’S Happy Hour dance groove. There to sign up VOLUNTEERS FOR CAMP OBAMA’S Market Street Campaign office…TALKING the talk while SILKY provided the rhythm hollering OBAMA in between his sounds. Hey, signed up 10 volunteers that included: Ruth Slaughter, Cecelia Collins, Ernestine Harris, Donald “Pete” Smith, Eleanor Hodges, Barbara Duty, and Jerry Thomas.

MOVING ON FROM POLITICS TO SPORTS … SUNDAY at The ‘STICK and 49ers game … dazzled over another 49er win 33-31 beat the Detroit Lions. KNEW they would! PAY BACK TIME FOR QB JT O’SULLIVAN who was with the Lions during the 2007 season, but sat on the bench the entire season!!! Here’s hoping 49ers and JT are on their way BACK to HAPPY DAYS!!!

After the game ran into San Francisco golfer CLARENCE BRYANT as we were heading to our respective MUNI Express; Bryant has got to be an ORIGINAL 49er fan!!! Well that day grinning from ear to ear!!!; … Prior to the game delighted to see some folks I knew … ANITA GLENN, MARIE WOMACK McCALLUM, TAILGATERS – ELDRIDGE “SWIFF” and BERNADETTA ANTHONY with their POSSE – CHARLES and EVA WYATT of Castro Valley, ED AND JOYCE BUCHANNAN of Vacaville – HEY you guys, looking forward to the next home game and some mouthwatering fried CATFISH!

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