by Rochelle Metcalfe on November 14, 2012

FIRED UP – READY TO GO! GOT WORK TO DO! How sweet the sound of President Barack Obama’s voice delving into his second term speech – robust, cool, passionate! When talking to his staff in Chicago, day after the election, emotional – revealed the REAL Obama – his heart. In a personal moment, shed a tear, fighting to hold back tears when expressing his gratitude to his winning team!

This writer had no doubt President Obama would win four more years! Tears welled in my eyes when observing him giving his victory speech, surrounded by his loving family – First Lady Michelle, daughters Malia and Sasha.

KEEP ON KEEPING ON MR. PRESIDENT – give congress and republicans their marching orders – forward! The American voters demand them to get this country back on track! The remaining days of the year are crucial. That’s how much time Washington has to come together to stop taxes from going up for middle class, the real job creators whose spending encourages businesses to expand and hire and whose lack of spending has the opposite effect.

CONGRATULATIONS to savvy LONDON BREED – HAPPY for the Supervisor -elect, District 5! Years ago, when first meeting this pretty, talented young woman, at a political campaign event held at a Buchanon Street Bar in the Marina, instinctually recognized she would go far. At the time, she was a college student.

Mayor Willie Brown was in office – he too saw potential, appointed her to the San Francisco Redevelopment Board during his administration – served until last year when she resigned early 2010 to complete her degree at University San Francisco. Happy she did! February of this year, announced she would run for District 5 Supervisor.

The GODFATHER – LEROY KING, served on the Redevelopment board for many years, until its demise, January 20, 2011. When talking to him via phone last Friday evening, reference Breed’s win, he proudly stated he was happy for her “she will be a good supervisor”. Many Blacks in district 5, that include Fillmore, Western Addition, and beyond, are happy, worked hard to get her elected; and a need to retain a Black voice on the board! Supervisor Malia Cohen (D10), and will be up for reelection next year. .

August 2002, Mayor Brown appointed Breed, Executive Director African American Art and Cultural Complex (AAACC) located in the heart of Western Addition/Fillmore, with his help, Breed resurrected the aging building, almost lost to the Black community. She did a wonderful job , with the assistance of her staff, improving the residency, and Afro-centric interior.

SHOCKED Breed blasted DA MAYOR, Chronicle columnist and seemingly TOP DOG in this town. Some BLACK folks walk softly around him! NOT BREED! In a recent article in the Fog City Journal, she allowed she didn’t want to appear she was dependent on Brown’s support; expressed UNFLATTERING words against Brown, stated she was her own boss and not a PAWN!

Born and raised in District 5, Western Addition/Fillmore, street activism schooled by the late Mary ROGERS, and other significant influences in the community, now Attorney General Kamala Harris got her back – a significant supporter!

When reading the article, said RIGHT ON! Disagreed with the CURSE WORDS (we in the community want her to carry herself as a lady – there’s others ways of getting ones point across.

I would agree with this UNBOSSED, UNBOUGHT sassy community fighter, when she says she’s been in the TRENCHES fighting for her community. I understand when she says she’s a “BLACK woman in San Francisco who has lost a tremendous amount of people in the District 5 and everyone else who is moving into the district, who claim to be the SAVIOUR of the Black folks there, or the folks who are disenfranchised.

‘Where were they when someone got shot and killed at Ella Hill Hutch Community Center in front of a bunch of kids? Where were they when public housing was getting torn down and we were getting pushed out left and right – where were they in protecting my family, my friends from getting booted out of public housing in D5?”

In late 80’s and early 90’s I worked at Ella Hill Hutch Community Center, and Midnight Basketball publicist , under LEFTY GORDON. Aware of the killings of youth. AND the GENTRIFICATION of the Fillmore – displacement of the black community when bulldozers came through, put a stave in the hearts of BLACK folks in particular! Community activist ACE WASHINGTON never let the politicians forget!

iRONIC, how Breed swept through the confusion (fallout from former D5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, voted S.F. Sheriff, and Christina Olague, appointee of Mayor Ed Lee to complete the few months left on his term (REV. AMOS BROWN joined by community leaders lobbied the Mayor to appoint Breed), and run on her own this November. The African American Democratic Club (AADC) backed OLAGUE – that angered Breed! (HEARD a victory party was to be held at Rasselas, headquarters for AADC, SHOCKED Breed won.)

NEVER seen so much political drama in this town – a realty show !

NO JUSTICE – NO PEACE! .Olague played her cards wrong – a no win situation – risky, crossed the Mayor, who suspended Mirkarimi earlier this year reference Domestic VIOLENCE issue with his wife ( you know the sorry!!!); crossed the Mayor – NO loyalty! . Rolled the dice, to side along with three other supervisors , voted to reinstate Sheriff Mirkarimi (shocking move)!

Seems she would have been better off siding with the Mayor. – obviously hoping for D5’s votes. Didn’t she realize her move would anger domestic violence women groups??? Her action caused a severe backlash! Wealthy businessman Ron Conway, financed a successful movement group to prevent Olague from winning! Breed benefitted! I’m sure Olague NEVER thought there would be a strong backlash against her. Girl Friend – NO JUSTICE – NO PEACE! Andrea SHORTER, of The Status of Women Commission, warned the would be a campaign to defeat her; NOW working on a recall petition to get DA SHERIFF!

All this political DRAMA started with Mayor Lee’s action to suspend Mirkarimi! He could have handled the situation differently – now he has divided the city, and may cost him reelection!!!

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