“I Heard That:” Happy New Year!

by Rochelle Metcalfe on January 5, 2011

Another fresh New Year is upon us! City politics will be interesting. Saturday, newly elected supervisors will be sworn in at City Hall. The question, who will the San Francisco Board of Supervisors select to be caretaker mayor to lead the City until the November election? HEARD San Francisco Sheriff MICHAEL HENNESSEY may be the one to serve out Mayor Gavin Newsom’s term!

As of this writing, despite elected Lieutenant-Governor, Newsom delayed his swearing-in for a week (seen in Sacramento Monday attending Governor Jerry Brown’s inaugural, joined by First Lady, stunning in red outfit). STILL in town taking care of loose ends; desire to have a hand in deciding who will replace him, waiting for the new board members to be sworn in Saturday, AFTER controversial Supervisor CHRIS DALY is out! When running into DA former MAYOR WILLIE BROWN at 1300 on Fillmore New Year’s Day, suggested to him Newsom needed to get out of town,TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS IN SACRAMENTO!!

New Year’s Day hung out in the San Francisco Jazz Preservation District, 1300 on Fillmore (enjoyed a marvelous dinner), and Yoshi’s for the stunning vocal performance of DIANNE REEVES with her quartet! The lady has become a JAZZ ICON, since I heard her years ago when she first came on the scene!

The closing days of 2010, the Jazz community lost a few greats! DR. BILLY TAYLOR , pianist, composer, broadcaster, and spokesman for Jazz, died in New York on December 28. He was 89 … Legendary JAMES MOODY, Jazz saxophonist and flutist, known for his major hit “Moody’s Mood for Love” passed in southern California. He was 85 …

Close to home, on the San Francisco jazz scene, alto saxophonist extraordinaire BISHOP NORMAN WILLIAMS took ill in 2009, confined in VA Hospital in Palo Alto, then moved to his birth home of Kansas City, MO where he passed. Two friends escorted him several months ago to be with his mother and family members. They said he died peacefully.

Bishop came on the San Francisco music scene in the 60’s. I discovered him in the 70’s at the ONE MIND TEMPLE, San Francisco’s Church of JOHN COLTRANE on Divisadero Street (now located on Fillmore), presided over by Bishop FRANZO KING. AH, he could blow powerful BeBop sounds, performed in many hot spots in the city.

A Friday night in April 2009, was the last time I heard DA Bishop perform at BIRD AND BECKETT Bookstore in Glen Park with a contingent of well-known musicians, and jazz lovers who came to enjoy cake in celebration of Bishop’s birthday. A sweet lovefest . Upon my request, he performed “Green Dolphin Street” AWESOME! Ah, we’ll miss DA BISHOP’S sweet sound and smiling personality!

BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE! Sunday, decided to forego the 49ers’ last game of the 2010 season – the horse already out of the barn when NINERS played a terrible game against the The St. Louis Rams on their home turf the day after Christmas! MISSED OPPORTUNITY to make THE PLAY-OFFS! So much depended on winning that game (2002 last time 49ers in play-offs)! The last straw that got HEAD COACH MICHAEL SINGLETARY FIRED!!! He bungled that game!

SINGLETARY made the mistake of hitching his wagon to QB ALEX SMITH as a challenge, to prove he could motivate Smith to play better, take the team to the play-offs and winners! DIDN’T HAPPEN! Fans like myself had so much hope for Alex, and the season, wish we would’ve won our division, and a play-off berth; cheered when Singletary was hired, to become the FIRST BLACK head coach in the history of the Niners franchise !

SINGLETARY (LET ME SEE THE GAME FILM KINDA’ GUY – got on my LAST NERVE!). In my opinion, Singletary should have been FIRED midway in the season – he didn’t have it as a coach – motivational skills were good, motivated the players to his “we want winners” theme BUT wasn’t able to move them to the next level! Coach gave mixed messages; plus he was too emotional. During the home game with the St. Louis Rams (Nov. 14 Niners won), Singletary lost it on national TV, shamefully seen yelling, dressing down QB Alex Smith, the scene was enough for me – HAD IT with this guy!

A season ticket holder since 1975, have a personal expensive investment in the Niners – want to see WINNERS, exciting QB play like a Tom Brady, Michael Vick! For whatever reason, Alex Smith never had what it took to be a Joe Montana, Steve Young. We need to see a QB who can lead the team. 49er President JED YORK and his staff have got to make the changes, otherwise low attendance will see home game TV Black outs, IF FANS BOYCOTT!

Sunday the Niners played a serious but fun game (the elephant in the room was gone) under interim head coach JIM TOMSULA, fellows FIRED UP, beat Arizona 38-7! The 49ers have a good team! All that’s needed is a SAVVY head coach and QB! Hopefully, Sunday was QB ALEX SMITH’S last game as a Niner! His contract is up! After six years of frustration with so many changes around his play, he never had a decent chance; time for him to move on with another team where he can regain his confidence and excel!


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